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Project: Volvo XC90 5-cyl Transmission Fluid Flush Tutorial

Forum members recommend the following for this XC90 5-cyl Transmission project:

XC90 5-cyl Transmission

MadeInJapan wrote: 

“I’ve done it on my ’04 V70 with no issue. Your car should be set up the same. No filter…you need the special JWS-3309 tranny fluid…Volvo sells it (almost $20 a quart) and also Toyota (much cheaper at $4 or $5 a quart)…just ask for their Type IV fluid that goes in an AW (Aisin Warner) 5 speed automatic. Mobil makes it for everyone and you can also buy it on line (link is in the write-up I’m linking to). Here is the write up of how to do it…: … 1650#31650 “

jetskifast wrote:

“T6 has GM transmission, no drain plug.
Just preformed transmission flush and filter change on my 2004 T6.
Very simple job.

  • Use vaccum pump to suck fluid out dip stick. You will get about six quarts.
  • Remove pan, replace filter.
  • Fill transmission with 6 quarts of fluid.
  • Remove transmission fluid cooler return line, will be the straight line heading back to transmission from radiator.
  • Attach tubing to return line, run line into clear 1 gallon jug such as milk bottle.
  • Start car run until bottle fills half way about two quarts.
  • Stop car, put 2 quarts of new transmission fluid in car.
  • Keep doing this until your transmission fluid comes out clean.
  • For my complete flush and refill I used 15 quarts of Redline D4 ATF.

You can find pictures on line, just googgle Volvo XC90 T6 transmission flush.”

XC90 Transmission Fluid Flush Tutorial with Photos

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