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XC90 Buyer’s Guide: Tips

Q: What to look for when buying a 5-cylinder XC90?

A: I still haven’t really heard of any to speak of, I have an 2005 5cyl and it’s been great. There will always be something that could come up, but people have been asking about known issues for a while and nobody really comes up with any recurring problems. Obviously the XC90 T6 is another story. I need a XC90 Buyer’s Guide.

Known problems with 2005 XC90? XC90 Buyer’s Guide

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A XC90 transmission fluid flush is recommended by Volvo every 52,500 miles
A facelifted SUV Volvo XC90 as seen on the Washington Auto Show 2006.

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rsgreen00 » My 2005 V8 AWD (105k miles currently) has only had a few problems, wheel bearings multiple times (they apparently replaced them with a different type the last time according to the dealer – different part number), on the third set of tires (went through two sets of OEM michellins – about 47k out of each set and finally went with goodyears this time to get longer wear), and had to replace the alternator (the voltage regulator went bad and caused an over voltage condition when I was far from home, so this was very expensive replacement at the dealer since the alternator sits between the engine and the firewall). It is a little loose in the front end and the guy at my local garage wants to replace the lower control arms (more bearing-like issues). Biggest bull was the wheel bearings which volvo should recall.

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