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XC90 Recharge Air Conditioning

Summer is right around the corner here in North America. Here are tips and instructions on how to recharge AC refrigerant on a Volvo XC90 from extremely knowledgable MVS forum member Jimmy57.


Where is the low side port for freon on my 2.5 fwd xc 90.

I see 2 differing ports under the hood?

And, what (if any) is the easiest way to get to the air ducts in my dashboard. I want to check out why my driver’s side air is not cool while the passenger side is fine.


The low side is on line in front of timing belt cover. The service port on the core support panel by RH hood latch is high side pressure, not for refrigerant addition. That system does not have a sight glass or any other way to monitor charge level so add 1/2 can and see if cooling is good before you add any more. Overcharging is not a good thing to do.
Left side warmer in temp is a symptom on P2 models of low refrigerant charge.


Assuming that the system is evacuated to a 29 inches of vacuum and the engine is NOT running…This is very important because the pressure at the high port can reach close to 300 pounds when the system is operating and serious injury from busting cans could result…I have never heard of this happening, but common sense tells us we don’t want to pressurize a tin can to 300 pounds…For topping up a low system, it is done at the low pressure port, which is located below the power steering reservoir next to the serpentine belt…The engine should be running…


It’s the port with 6 Nm on it next to the serpentine belt. The steps can be found in the repair database I think. But briefly,
1. Take off the cap on the port. I had to use a small wrench to take it off.

2. Turn on car, turn A/C to max, recirculate inside car, blower max as well, wait 3 min.

3. Shake can vigorously, connect to the port, you’ll feel the can becomes colder as R134a injected.

4. Done.

XC90 Recharging Air Conditioning

XC90 T Low Side Ac Port Recharge -
XC90 T Low Side Ac Port Recharge –


Does low side have a yellow cap? What refigerant should I use?

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