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XC90 T6 – Transmissions Fail

Volvo XC90 model years 2003-2005 with the T6 engine were made with automatic transmissions that fail early and often.

The parts guys at my Volvo dealership told me recently that it’s the XC90 T6’s that are the ones to avoid at all costs. They said it’s a GM designed/partially assembled transmission on these XC90’s that was a pile of junk from the drawing board. They said there aren’t anywhere near the number of transmission problems with the T5’s or the V8 model XC90s.

At 65,000 miles my Volvo XC90 trans is shot. to the tune of $8-9 to repair. Dealer offering to settle at $2,500. Any suggestions?

I’ll just add this here, that the parts guys at my Volvo dealership told me recently that it’s the XC90 T6’s that are the ones to avoid at all costs. They said it’s a GM designed/partially assembled transmission on these XC90’s that was a pile of junk from the drawing board. They said there aren’t anywhere near the number of transmission problems with the T5’s or the V8 model XC90s.

I’d like to know if any of the mods have any insight on this bit of information, as wifey and I are debating buying an XC90 for the space. I’m more in favor of an XC70 only because of the slightly better fuel economy, but that’s another debate altogether…

The 4T65-E transaxle is surprisingly compact given its torque handling capabilities. This is due to how only the torque converter sits aside the engine while the transaxle’s gearsets and valve body are located behind the engine. The limited space available in the S80 and XC90 engine bays meant that not just any transaxle could be bolted up to the T6 engine. …the XC90 has one *very* serious fault that the S80 does not have. That is that the XC90 weighs 1,000 lbs more than an S80. That’s half a ton more weight that the transaxle must contend with. So driving an XC90 is equivalent to driving an S80 with a permanently attached 1,000 lb trailer in tow behind it. No doubt driving an XC90 prudently then would require even more prudence than the lighter S80.

Here’s the XC90 T6 Transmission thread in the Volvo forum for more on that. Please post to that if you’ve had a XC90 T6 transmission failure.


Jesús Figueroa says:

Transmission problems 2004 XC90 T. Two year ago, at about 80k miles the transmission just stopped responding. Took it to the dealer, in San Diego, after two weeks Volvo’s Corporate Office decided to replace the transmission “at good will”. I ended up paying about $500 dollars for several parts they stated had to be replaced (hoses to the turbo among other things.) Two weeks ago at +/-110K the transmission popped again. Once again, had it towed to the dealer. The following morning they called me and asked me what I needed done to the VOLVO and I told them that the transmission had just stopped working and to give me a call when they knew what they were going to do about it. Late afternoon, the same day, I received the call, stating that Volvo Corp. had decided to once again replace the transmission, once again “at good will” and I only had to pay 10% of the cost.They were going to do this because “they wanted to stand behind their products,” Just picked it up Friday. Now some code related to the turbo came up on a scanner P0234 so I will be taking it back to see what they will do about it. The transmission does not feel the same either as before it started to fail. The XC90 is a nice vehicle while it is working. Volvo should stand behind their products like a reputable company that they claim to be. Sadly, I know of a few other people who have not been so lucky getting Volvo to respond. There are so many cases with this GM transmission that people should not have to put up with it. I hope this is helpful to anyone. They did state that starting last June the transmission was warrantied for as long as I own the Volvo. Something to think about.

transmission started acting up 50000 miles ago, problem comes and goes until finally progress to a total failure. Now my transmission completely not shifting.

My parents bought our 2004 T6 XC90 in 2006 after my dad was in a bad accident. What originally caught their eye about the car was the safety features. What they did not know is that they would have to eventually replace the transmission twice, the entire radio system, and the axel several times. My dad bought a new truck, so they handed the car down to me. Being a teenager, I drive a lot (mainly around town) and there is a very noticeable problem with the transmission once again. Also, there are many computer and technical problems. That is not the only problem with the vehicle. The interior is completely falling apart. The leather seats are ripping, and the lining along the roof of the car is falling off. I absolutely hate this car and I don’t know why anyone would buy it. One thing that is good about it is that although there are many problems with it, it gets me from destination to destination without breaking down on me, with 132,000 miles on it.

Robert Zindoga says:

I was just about to buy an XC90 2005 at 50000km. NEVER after all these complaints. Thank you guys nearly fell into a pit full of serpents.

I also bought volvo xc90 2005 model and with one month of driving I saw a message stating transmission service urgent. I took it to a Volvo service dealer and he said the transmission need to replace. so Volvo try to redesign your transmission again since majority is complaining about it

Mark Raeburn says:

I have a 2004 XC90 T6 that I bought used about 6 months ago. It has 211,000 miles on it now and yesterday the transmission began to slip. The car is otherwise in excellent condition and was driving really well so this is all very frustrating to me!
When I purchased the vehicle the previous owner informed me that the transmission had been replaced and that the replacement transmissions don’t have the same issues. After reading this and many other sites I see that it is fairly typical for these vehicles to go through two or three!!!!
This is my first Volvo, and to be honest I love it, however, I do not have $5k just sitting around for car repairs on a vehicle that is only worth about that much!
What really pisses me off is that I spent $800 yesterday morning on new tires!!!!

how many miles when you bought it? What symptoms did you have? Bought used at 142,000 miles..concerned

Bought a XCODE 90 2004 a few months ago. Transmission is going. We have had four Volvos, but this was the first used one. We took it to our local dealership and was told to drive the the car until the transmission completely fails, so, they will help cover the cost. They updated software claiming it would fix it, the mechanic said it will not. Can a transmission failure cause an accident? Can’t believe I have to wait to need a tow truck!

I, like so many others, found out about the transmission issues well after purchase. I was informed of the problem upon receipt of the class action opt in. Since that day I took special care to ease on the accelerator at every chance (saves gas too). Well, just yesterday my XC90 no longer drives in 1st gear. With the help of ManuMatic I can drive in 2nd & 3rd with some normalcy. I picked the vehicle up with around 74K miles on it & just hit 110K in almost 3 years. So I am fortunate in comparison to many of the horror stories here.

I bought a used 97 K Miles Volvo XC 90 after the guy fixed the tranny failure without doing enough research about the vehicle, thought I got a great deal for 12 K $.

I almost 2 years spent 2 K for tie rod and rear bearings which needed replacement, besides regular maintenance at Volvo dealership.

Urgent Transmission service reqd msg popped up, took it to the dealer, he upgraded the s/w and removed the code.

Next day the entire tranmission failed and did not move up. It was a very minor problem the dealership did not do a proper investigation costing me a huge money.

Right now they wanted around 6 K + for putting a new Tranny. Decided to take it to local Amco and paying almost 3 1/2 K to do complete refit. Trying to get a lifetime warranty on it don’t know how much it is going to cost since AAMCO has a nationwide service shops.

I heard the tranny is the only issue with this vehicle and if I could get a lifetime warranty and constant tranny fluid change I expect to pull on for another 3-4 years.

It is a very expensive proposition, to own a volvo, and never in my life will buy a VOLVO, there are better vehicles outside. This is a dying company.

Mary Kay Vezina says:

I bought my xc90 2004 in late 2005..about 50,000 miles on it. Transmission went bad at 76,000. Volvo paid for the new transmission but we had to pay labor. Check engine light was always coming on!!! At every service…oil change etc. Volvo always found more problems…everytime. It was always $500-$1500 or more.Break jobs very expesive, tires 17in. very expensive, this car has cost me in continuing repairs double what I paid for. This repair is awd fluid leaking into the transmission,with trans. flush and alignment..over $2000.(with a 20% discount) I would never recommend this car xc90 and probably not any Volvo unless you are really rich and have the funds to keep paying for big repairs. I’m going back to a Ford!

Faizel Sedick says:

I was seriously looking at getting a Volvo XC90 as my next car. I currently own a Jeep Grand Cherokee (2002) which I bought used 2 years ago. Its starting to give me Transmission problems and i thought i would fix and get rid of it for a XC90, but it seems like it’s having the same problems. Thanks alot for all the info (problems) with these vehicles. It certainly helps putting one on the right path in finding the next used vehicle. However, I had a Kia Sportage (Korean) 4×4 before this and never had any problems with it. This I also bought used and it just went on and on through the 3 years I had it. Then I decided to upgrade to a more luxurious vehicle (keeping with the times and luxury available). I now regret my decision!! Anyway good luck to all of you and thanks for the info.

Well I’m a little late to the transmission failure party but I brought some beer woohoo! I feel like an idiot for having bought a 2004 T6 XC90 with 67,000 miles on it just this past July… It’s now March and my XC90 has 71,000 miles and has been at the dealership for a little over a week with the dreaded dead transmission. It evidently needs the whole shebang radiator etc. – also new rack and pinion, new fan blower (vent/AC) and new head gasket.

Luckily I bought an extended warranty and they are covering the $8500 transmission, rack and pinion ($?), and Fan blower ($?)… Unluckily they are not covering the radiator, transmission cooler, transmission cooling lines ($5,000, the dealership got it down to $3,800 for me) and as of yet are not covering the head gasket ($5,500!!). I will not be replacing the head gasket if not covered by warranty.

The dealer did not tell me about the “Volvo Goodwill Assistance Program” – you can bet I’m calling them about this tomorrow. Sounds like the radiator/transmission combo should be replaced free of charge, and without impacting my extended warranty – which will basically be void (warranty company basically only covers costs up to the NADA value of the vehicle) if this transaction goes through as is.

Let this be a lesson, never buy a used vehicle no matter how purty it is without doing a little Internet sleuthing first. Shame on the dealership for selling me this beautiful yet seriously flawed dud, and shame on me for not doing my due diligence – although to be fair to myself, anyone should be able to expect more from a “luxury” vehicle with only 67,000 miles on it.

Hopefully the Goodwill Program pans out, but I’m still interested to know how these transmission replacements go – if anyone has already been through this. The dealer assures me it is not the same transmission and I should not expect this issue (coolant leaking into the trans) to occur afterwards.

Good luck to everyone!

Hal Usher says:

Have a 2005 XC90 T6 on 3rd transmission and now the shift assembly needs replacing. Never ending money pit.


2004 XC90 T6 96,000 miles transmission problems Volvo replaced the transmission, radiator and associated hoses etc. Total cost $0.00
#Vehicle mileage requirement is below 100,000.
However,if this problem has been ongoing for a period of time prior to reaching the magic 100,000 mile number it might be worth investigating.
Customer care website http://Onyoursi.De/wiki/car-manufacturer/volvo-cars-of-north-america-llc/
Check website for contact information and an email block for submission to customer care. Email is the best method for initial contact as they will call you.
Volvo north america @ 800-458-1552
Repairs accomplished and vehicle returned within a week from my initial email to customer care. Volvo deserves credit for this action as it appears they do care.

charles stradling says:

I have a 1998 Volvo S-40 T4 and have now done nearly half a million kilometers with very little trouble.
I now want to get a low mileage second hand XC90, but after reading all the problems associated with the XC90, especially gearbox problems, I have serious doubts about the wisdom of getting one, even though I LOVE Volvos. Any advice ??

54 reg, T6 with just 55k miles. Transmission Service Urgent and the amber warning turns to red very quickly! I’ve had the gearbox flushed and refilled twice – a lot of metal chaff in the filter first time, seemed ok second time, but the warning light came on again after just 5 miles, so the gearbox looks finished. A refurbished gearbox is about £1500 but I’ve just flagged the problem to local Volvo dealer and awaiting their response. As this is the 3rd Volvo I’ve had from them I hope they make some concession. Not hugely optimistic though – looks like I’ll be trading in for a nice reliable Trabant. Will update Volvo’s response soon.

I had a 03 XC90 T6 and tranny went out (3rd time!) at 109k. My dealer said “too bad” and $6k. After some haggling I eventually got an offer from Volvo that they would provide new tranny (and all new parts/accessories to go with it) provided I pay the dealer the cost to install ($1,700). I told them to stick it in their ear (dealer was a complete as.hole) as the “new” tranny was nothing but a rebuilt one of the model (and would fail just as the other 3 had). After more online research I came across an attorney in New jersey who makes a living suing Volvo. Long story short, I got $4k, dumped the Volvo via trade-in that combined with the $4k got me a better vehicle without the problem history of the XC90. And that class action lawsuit was really nothing (i.e waste of time for an owner) but an attempt to make it appear Volvo was doing something for its owners.

Count me in with the people having trouble with their Volvo transmissions. I have a 2004 XC 90. I bought it used and after four months the transmission was shot at 82,000 miles. Currently working with the dealership to have it repaired. Stay tuned. Apparently I am too late for the XC 90 2003 through 2005 class action lawsuit.

After a Volvo CX90 T6 transmission has been replaced/rebuilt by a Volvo dealership is the issue solved? Does the transmission continue to fail again? or do they replace it with different/unflawed parts that fix the issue permanently? Just curious as I haven’t seen any posts on the post rebuild. Thank You

I have a 2004 xc 90 and the transmission every once in a while starts out in 3rd gear and on the dash is shows a – sign instead of the D after a while the D does come on and the trans is good to go. I also notice every once in a while the radio just shuts off and later it turns back on

2006 Volvo XC90 with 80,000 miles. Tranny started to slip ten days after three year warranty expired. Took to Smith Motors, South Charleston WV and was informed a fix would be at least $5,700.00. No help from dealer at all. Will trade for another vehicle, not a Volvo.

Well I am another victim – I have a 2003 XC90 T6. I bought it used of course mid February 2012 here it is May 2012 and my transmission is shot. My mechanic advised me to contact Volvo regarding repairs footing the bill. Well I am unable to reach anyone. I have read where others were able to get Volvo to foot the bill – can someone please tell me how that were possible? I truly can not afford to pay for a new/rebuilt transmission pay the note. I have read so many blogs about the transmission issue its crazy!!!! I can not believe Volvo will not assume responsibility for this issue. ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!

I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 T6 that just got a brand new transmission, radiator, etc. last month at the certified Volvo dealership in town. Before the tranny failed, I was getting approx 18-22 MPG in town. I am now getting a whopping 12.3 MPG in town… I only use premium fuel in my car… Any ideas on what will fix this? I hear some talk online of a ECM software update to fix this problem- is that true? If so, what do I ask for when I call my service center??


There’s been talk (here, maybe elsewhere) of a suit in regards to the XC90 T6 models’s transmissions. I don’t know where those went, if anywhere.

Let us know if you pursue this.

Sorry, mistake… my last Volvo was a 95. My current is a 2005

I have an xc90 and at this very moment I am sitting waiting for yet another tow truck to pick my vehicle up and take it back to the dealership. As I understand now, there are many problems with this model. Mine is the 95 turbo. I have had several volvos and never once was steered away from my favorite luxury brand. I never even thought to research this purchase because of the solid volvo reputation. Currently, my sterio is inop, my rear entertainment center inop, the vehicle will not shift into any mode. I just picked it up last week where I was required to pay 470 USD for a new key fob and was informed that my strut pads were shot as well as the motor mounts on the engine. This vehicle has never been wrecked and I pay very close attention to oil changes and servicing… As my brother was a former government prosecutor and we have an enormous base of legal help in our family, I am wondering if a suit wouldnt be in order. Maybe that way Volvo will take note of this error in production and step up its quality control… Thoughts?

My volvo XC90 T62004 model with nearly 90.000 km have just show the transmission service urgent…im wainting for the dealer to provide me a quote for fixing the issue

My 2005 XC90 T6 experienced a transmission failure at 172,000 km’s. It would stick in 3rd gear and not allow any shifting, even manual. The Service technician I took it to said “Good news!”…as it is a GM manufactured transmission, it can be rebuilt using GM parts”…at apparently significant cost savings (vs. a new or refurbished Volvo transmission). So I got away “lucky”, only spending $3,300.00 (Can.) It shocks me that Volvo doesn’t step up and acknowledge this flaw and support it’s loyal customer base…or perhaps they don’t care about loyalty.

Toby Fern says:

Hi, we’ve now also got this transmission problem! – we bought a used Volvo XC90 T6 (2003 – 70k miles) during December 2011 and in March 2012 we are having problems with the gears slipping making it undriveable and dangerous – I’ve been quoted today by by local Volvo dealer to repair and replace the unit would be £4,511 GBP.

I’ve raised it with Volvo UK, Motorcodes Ltd (car problems for UK consumers) and VOSA (Vehicle Operator Services Agency).

Now I want to try and establish what % ratio of 2003 to 2005 XC90 T6’s have experienced this problem?? I also want to try and establish why no safety recall was made by Volvo?? If you also have this problem please post here with the details – many thanks toby, England.

I agree with you on the XC90. Volvo should take care of what is obviously a design fault.

I don’t see where you found this Volvo blog entry or generally the MVS Volvo Forum’s consensus is against my assertion. Who said Volvo shouldn’t be held responsible?

UmustBstupid says:

I have a 2003 XC90 that I purchased used in 2008. 3 months after my purchase I had transmission problems, it wouldn’t switch gears. I take it to a Volvo repair center in which they not only replaced the tranny but other parts that were faulty. A week after that the truck would slide in and out of gears of it’s own free will, whether driving or parked. I take it back, they fix it, but when I get it back there’s a grinding sound when I accelerate. The guy tells me it’s the driveshaft rubbing against the driveshaft shield….as if that’s normal or even ok. 6 months later the driveshaft needs to be replaced. This is absurd! I don’t tow anything, I don’t floor the accelerator, and I’m no mechanic but I know that the driveshaft shouldn’t be rubbing against anything. Between 2003 and 2005 many a Volvo was manufactured with faulty parts and instead of doing a recall or even covering expenses for repairs of said faulty parts Volvo intends for the consumer to come out of pocket to fix a problem that arose during production. From fuel pumps to transmissions to sunroof drainage reservoirs, these autos have bad parts. I don’t hate Volvo but I do hate the method used to handle issues under these circumstances. I would never say “Don’t buy a Volvo” but I will say “Don’t buy an XC90 between 03′ and 06′”. But to think that the problems with these vehicles somehow are the fault of the driver(s) or the consumer(s) is ridiculous at best and a shift of blame at the least. And to say that Volvo shouldn’t be held responsible, simple put, you must be stupid!

Yesterday we got a problem with the automatic transmission. The displaymessage was transmission emergency service. The car also had powerloss and took off very slowly in the first gear. We went to our dealer in Delft. The transmission was stucked in the third gear was the conclusion after checking the boardcomputer. Problem is solved for the moment by resetting boardcomputer. We have a volvo xc90 T6 from 2004 since two months with about 55000 miles.

I have a 2008 XC90 T6, and recently have been paying alot of attention to handling, given my family and I have been on some long road trips. I always felt the car was difficult to handle since we bought it 1 yr ago, rounding corners etc, and found the XC drifting alot/oversteering. So, as I was driving down the freeway as 70MPH or so, I noticed the car was weaving left to right very slightly (from one side of the lane to the other over a few hundred feet – not noticeable if you aren’t looking for it as you are most probably correcting with the steering wheel and thinking nothing of it). This weaving happens as I apply gas, in free wheel it isn’t there. Its like as if the application of Torque is being applied on one side of the car too much, then on the other to compensate and back and forth. I keep the steering wheel dead straight, and its like as if there’s a gremlin in the engine doing this weaving thing. Any ideas?

The dealership in Richardson, TX retro-fitted a used 2007 tranny from a salvaged (wrecked) XC90 in my ’03 T6. I have no idea how they accomplished this, but have not had ANY issues since. I do know that it took almost a month and custom fitting to couple it with the T6. The same dealership did my complete suspension on my ’99 C70 all parts available from IPD plus aftermarket struts and coils. Not all of my volvo friends have had the same wonderful experience with Volvo of Richardson, but if you are in Dallas and treat their service team well I would definitely recommend them. They did amazing suspension work on my C70 before I crashed it (I could turn on a dime in a convertible although I couldn’t take a speed bump lol) and since they working on my XC90 tranny – no problems and I do drive it very hard. If you have problematic tranny, I suggest investigating retro-fit options.

We bought our 2005 T6 xc90 about two years ago and haven’t had any problems. Unless you count the rear entertainment tv gear breaking. However, three months ago, I replaced (myself) the front passenger axle. Not too big of a job as I replaced it in about 5 hours. This Thanksgiving were driving to my folks house about 8 hours away and the same axle went out. We were able to hobble close enough to their house to get it trailered to their house. We replaced the axle with a new one and it took about a week for that one to go bad.

Add me to the list of surprised (yep, did not hear about the transmission problems until after the fact) Volvo XC90 owners. With 44k miles, my 2004 XC90 gearbox blew out yesterday and now I am looking at a $7k plus bill to replace/fix it. I am shocked Volvo has not addressed this problem with a recall after reading online about all of the problems people are having. This is supposed to be a LUXURY CAR AND BRAND! Volvo should act like it if they really want to compete with BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Just incredibly disappointing!

I had to get my engine overhauled the B6294T busted gasket cracked cylinder head, antifreeze coming out of the exhaust (volvo was dumbfounded) oh and here is the real kicked it costed 6,000 to fix it all. I had an extended warrenty from a company called interstate that called it a manufacters defect when clearly it was not since the cases document of this problem are like no more then 15 or so. so after having a long battle with Volvo and interstate i finally bit the bullet and paid the 6 grand but i am in the process of sueing interstate and volvo.

T6 XC90 2005 mine was slipping through the gears and the “transmission service Urgent.” sign came on the other day and we took it to parkside Volvo and they tried to charge £200 to tell me that i needed a new gearbox at a cost of £ 5850 we complained and they offered 10% discount!!! we are looking at alternatives – that really is shocking shame as they are great cars but this leaves a bad taste in your mouth and a hole in your wallet !!!

Had the same problem with ours at about 70,000 miles, well out of warranty but the local dealer covered it. Be sure and ask as it can save a lot of money.

Apparently this transmission is quite reliable in smaller GM vehicles but when Volvo chose to use it in a very heavy vehicle like the XC90, it fails prematurely.

DiagreeWithDogs says:

You guys are idiots…any well built vehicle could handle towing a jet ski with a 40lb tongue wait at 75mph. I’ve had crappy Vw with 90hp Tdi that can handle that work…

Yes the T6 is a horrible, horrible vehicle due to transmission issues but the T5 and V8 can handle such conditions.

FYI he was talking about his lightweight V70…read again…

AgreeWithBigDog says:

Agree with Big Dog. Anyone that drives that fast speed hauling a trailer tells me all I need to know about the validity of the rest of the claims. It is both unsafe and abusive to the vehicle and tranmission. I have the V8 and never had any issues with it. But then again I drive at safe speeds for towing. Including over mountain passes.

Hmmm – 125km/h towing and you put it on the floor. For us Americans that doing about 75 and putting the accelerator on the floor with a very heavy vehicle, towing something. I agree these transmission’s have issues but I’m also tired of reading the over glorified stories of how my transmission blew up. Maybe I’ll feel different when mine blows up but I’m going to do something about it.


I own a 2005 Volvo xc90, i would just like to warn you all about the problems that comes with a volvo.( I know we have had three and the only 1 that worked properly was the 1996 v70). The car was great until +-60 050 km when I was towing my Jet-ski at 125 km/h and i put my foot flat to overtake a truck. It was like i was in neutral. I put my foot flat and nothing happened the car just revved. Then a message appears,”transmission service Urgent.” I was 200 km from the nearest town. What to do I had my whole family with me + my parents. Got a tow truck Took it to the Garage the next day and they told me it would take 6 weeks for a new gearbox. Still under warranty did not have to pay anything, +-65 000 power-steering fluid leak. Car went in 3 times that month. +-72 563 km prop-shaft disconnected/broke. 3 weeks for a new one +-80 000 gearbox again my wife in the middle of Johannesburg. another 4 weeks. 90 000 side shaft comes out of place 2 weeks in garage. I found out Volvo had fitted the wrong part to my xc 90. So much for Quality Inspection!!! If I had been going fast I would have had a serious accident. 95 690 Power steering leak AGAIN!! At 100 000 km bought an extended warranty R45 000 . But that gave me an extra 40 000 km of warranty. At 107 689 power-steering leak Again. We were on a 4 000 km trip so it turned out to be very expensive. Last week we just did 111 156 km when my wife went to pick up the kids from school. As she drove out of the parking lot the power steering pipe burst spraying the fluid everywhere. We have now had it with volvo they have terrible customer service, even Volvo SA is useless. We have had lots of other minor problems with the car but these are the main if anyone is thinking of buying an XC DON’T, you would be better of with a trolley on wheels. We are very very disappointed with volvo and will never buy another one again. If you have a volvo xc 90 sell it before the warrenty expires or it will cost you an arm and a leg for the repairs. We have now had Nearly R 150 000 Rands worth of stuff replaced. Anyone else had major problems let me know.

Carrie Laumb says:

Omg same fn problem 2005 xc90 You discibribe it to a T Please call me 425-269-7026 Carrie! Thank You

Yes the xc90 t6 is a bad Volvo. But I’ve owned several different models and they are very good cars.

I have a Volvo XC70 and my wife complained about some grabbing with the transmission. Sure enough, the service guy said it was pretty much shot. The good thing is even though it is a 2005 that went into service in 2003 and I literally went over 50K miles this weekend and am out of warranty, Volvo paid for $3900 of the $4400 it was going to cost. I asked why the generosity and the service manager at the Volvo/Audi dealer said Volvo knows about the problem and are helpful in repairing it. Spending $500 beats trading up for a new one of an XC90 which i was going to do (which I am not sure about now knowing about these problems).

HeartbrokenbyaVolvoXC90 says:

Well I am just another casualty of the XC90’s transmission path of distruction and heartbreak. I purchase my 2003 XC90 on December 7, 2008 and just yesterday February 2, 2009, on my way to work, the transmission decides to stop working. My car is a T6 unfortunately and what kills me the most is that I haven’t even had my car 2 whole months. A hard lesson learned.. I am heartbroken! I know that when you buy a used car(which this one was although it only had 62,500 miles when I bought it 12/2008) you know that there could be problems coming your way more so than a new car. I was ready for that, but not less than 2 months after I bought the car. Please, is there any good news or hope that the transmission has been corrected?

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