XC90 Wet Carpet


MVS Forums member VFLXC90 had a wet carpet disaster in his XC90. This is how he tracked it down and fixed it.

The XC 90 had wet carpet this summer. I youtubed the sunroof drain fix. The drains were clear?
The carpet was soaked. When I ran the A/C the condensation wasn’t dripping out under the XC. The drain line was plugged. That was the easy fix. Drying out the carper was the hard part.

Drain Line:
If you look in the area of the gas pedal to the right of it. You can see a small black flex able hose behind the center console trim pane. That’s the hose you want to pull out and stick a close hanger through to clean out the clog. The trim panel on the side of the console will pull off. Just grab it in a corner and give it a hard pull. Then work it from left to right pulling. It will come off. Just pull it.

2006 XC90 Wet Carpet, my fix, FYI

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