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Does Your XC90 Have Nivomat Rear Shocks? How to Tell

XC90 Nivomat Rear Shocks

MVS Volvo Forum member 2003XC90 has a question about his — you guessed it — 2003 XC90. Specifically, he needs to replace the rear shocks. The problem is that there are more than one possible replacement shock for this year XC90 rear shocks. The variable is if your XC90 has Nivomat shocks or not.

The rear shocks or struts have worn out on our 2003 XC90 after 171K miles.

The Volvo dealer tells us that if the shocks are “Nivomat” shocks, then they cost $585 each. Ouch! They told us that there is a silver plate on the firewall or under the fenderwell which will let you know which shocks you have on your vehicle.

How to tell if your XC90 has Nivomat Rear Shocks

Luckily, member Stravlr knows, and tells:

Open the hood. On the drivers side look for the VIN Plate below the VIN there is a long string of number typically starting with a 33, 34 or 35. In that string do you see the number 26? If you do then you have Nivomat shocks, and you can get them new for about $380 (ea) on Amazon.

2003 XC90 Rear Shock Replace

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