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by macadood
Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:47 am
Forum: Volvo XC90 Forum
Topic: XC90 snorkel for offroading
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Re: XC90 snorkel for offroading

I'm taking my XC70 to Alaska this summer, put in new suspension all around to get her as high as possible and installed some big 245/65/17 tires that lift her another inch. Would be cool to get a snorkel in case of any deep-ish water crossings I might come across for some peace of mind, I know the r...
by macadood
Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:14 am
Forum: Volvo V70, XC70 2008-2016, Volvo S80 2007-2016
Topic: Performance chips for 2008 XC70
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Re: Performance chips for 2008 XC70

As far as I understand there is no engine upgrade available for the 2008 3.2 unfortunately, assuming that is the engine you have.
by macadood
Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:32 pm
Forum: Volvo V70, XC70 2008-2016, Volvo S80 2007-2016
Topic: 2008 XC70 Dash Buttons
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2008 XC70 Dash Buttons

Hi folks! I'm looking to add some switches to my 2008 XC70 to switch on my aux light bar. Is there any way to source the buttons on the dash like the Hill Descent button? Ideally if I could add 2 buttons next to the hill descent control while keeping the OEM look that would be great. Do other trim v...