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Part 1: PNP Removal

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polskamafia mjl
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polskamafia mjl

Volvo Repair Database Part 1: PNP Removal

Post by polskamafia mjl » Wed May 26, 2010 7:24 pm

To see Part 2 and/or discuss this fine writeup, go >>> here. <<<

This is a write up for the removal, cleaning, installation and alignment of the PNP switch on a 1996 854, I'm pretty sure other year 850's as well as s/v70's are very similar if not identical.

Tools Required:
10mm wrench
10mm socket
12mm socket
13mm socket
17mm socket & 17mm deep socket
T-25 Screw Driver
Flat Head Screwdriver
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Needle Nose Pliers
Channel Lock Pliers
Sharp pair of scissors
Small Pocket Knife
PB Blaster/WD-40
Dielectric Grease
Electrical Contact Cleaner

First place the car in park, hand brake on, and block all 4 wheels.

Next disconnect the battery using a 10mm wrench and lift it up and out of the battery tray.
Remove the air guide by puching the front away and off of the radiator and then pull it up and off of the lower airbosx housing.
The arrows point in the direction of travel for the front and back of the air guide, respectively.
Using a T-25, remove the black cover over the throttle body.
Take some PB Blaster/WD-40 and spray the 2 bolts holding the battery tray to the frame and the bolt holding the positive battery cable.
Remove the airbox:
Use a flat head screw driver and loosen the lower clamp on the MAF to Throttle pipe.
Releae the electrical connector for the MAF
Remove any small tubes attached to the upper portion of the airbox.
Now, pull up on the lower portion of the MAF to Throttle pipe.
Pull the end of the airbox closest to the motor straight up, then pull the entire assembly towards the
motor in order to release the 3 plastic connectors holding the airbox down. Don't forget to navigate
the metal preheat pipe out of the engine bay.
Battery Tray Removal:

Remove the two 12mm bolts holding the battery tray down and the 10mm bolt that holds the bracket
for the positive battery cable.
With the 3 bolts removed, pull the battery tray towards the motor to unclip the fasteners at the
fender side of the battery tray.
Now flip the battery tray upside down so you can disconnect the vacuum hose for the cruise control
and the electrical connector.
PNP Switch Removal:
Before we move on, I wanted to show you where we stand in the process of removing the PNP.
This picture outlines the PNP switch itself and the electrical connectors it is hooked up to.
Mark the two 13mm bolts holding the shift cable down so you can screw them back into the
same spot. This will keep you from having to adjust the cable later. Then remove them.
Next remove the 13mm nut on the shift cable arm. Be careful with this. If your car is not
blocked it will most likely start to roll away as you undo this nut. Be smart, block you wheels!
With the nut gone use a screwdriver to pry the shift arm up.
Now undo the 13mm bolt on the left most part of the PNP. As you remove this bolt lift up on
the ATF dipstick tube bracket and the wiring harness.
Now, push down on the black plastic plate, and lift up on the silver handle to separate the
sections of the electrical box.
Electrical box opened.
Bend this tab back, as shown in the picture.
Now, there is a rubber boot covering some of the wires going to the black box we just opened
up. The boot is kept together with zip ties which come together at the bottom. We must now
cut the zip ties off so we can take the boot off. This next picture will show you what the bottom
of the boot looks like in order to hopefully make it easier to take off (the arrows are pointing to
the zip ties).
To remove the boot and zip ties, remove the two 14mm bolts next to the connector box. This
will allow you to pick up the box and flip it over to cut off the zip ties.
Here you can just barely see the zip ties on bottom of the boot (arrows point to them). Jam a pair of sharp scissors into the zip ties and cut them off.
Use the needle nose pliers and pull the boot back and off of the wires.
End of part 1. View part 2 to see the rest.

>>> To see Part 2 and/or discuss this fine writeup, go here. <<<
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