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What P80s are actually exempt from emissions testing?

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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What P80s are actually exempt from emissions testing?

Post by SonicAdventure »

I have a 98 non turbo V70. Build date is 5/97. When I called the local Volvo dealer they said that my VIN made my car exempt from emission testing in Pennsylvania. They also said some 97 850s and some 98 V70s all fall into this bracket.

I sometimes have a check engine light for small eVap leak, but last year my mechanic got this through no problem. This year the CEL wasn't on prior to inspection, but I'm sure if he scanned it it would show old codes or pending codes.

The real reason I'm asked g is because I want to buy another Volvo but I want either a 97 or 98 if they truly are exempt from CEL related emission test failures. Yes, lol I'm looking for a loophole. I hate check engine lights and I want to do whatever I can to avoid failing based on a CEL. Thanks.

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Post by jimmy57 »

They will not pass with CEL on and may still be checked for emissions readiness but will pass with more indicators not in full ready mode.

The Bosch engine management system had too tight parameters for some of the readiness indicators and would only complete those to full readiness state by a VERY strict test drive followed to the letter. A person leaving a/c compressor on full time (as is the best plan for cleared windows and more alert driver) would never pass it as the stringent drive routine required some operation at drive and idle with no a/c compressor.
Volvo and another carmaker got exemptions. Sort of the opposite of the VW deal. These ECM's didn't have defeat devices they had hard-assed enforcement software.

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Post by 850 LPT »

As far as I know this varies by state. Your dealer is most likely right because they encounter this with a lot of costumers coming in for emission testing. You may just want to confirm and call your local DMV.

Here where I live all 97' and 98's are exempt from emission testing for quite a few years now. The last time I passed my XC with 5 monitors not showing ready mode. If I have a CEL on I could simply clear all codes, drive down to the testing station, and pass.
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Post by PS78 »

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Post by galexie64 »

It varies by state. In Colorado, it varies by county. We don't have any emissions testing on passenger cars at all, even brand new ones.
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Post by abscate »

It varies by county in NY as well.
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Post by 1998v70xcbill »

It's all very Federal/ California. Key words: appendix J, testability smog check, EIS, ignores, monitor readiness.

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Post by JRL »

If you're in one of the 6 counties that require emissions you are NOT exempt but you can have three (3) "not ready (s)" and still pass
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Post by crlande »

Here is old list of OBD readiness issues from the EPA. Lists brand/ model/year. https://permanent.access.gpo.gov/gpo26271/420b12044.pdf

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