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AC quit after awhile - 2001 V70 - part 30665118 Evap temp sensor Topic is solved

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AC quit after awhile - 2001 V70 - part 30665118 Evap temp sensor  Topic is solved

Post by thorv70t5 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 7:50 am

I like to mentioned this problem after a lot of research I could not find any thread on this particular problem.
I had the problem with my 2001 V70 especially on a longer drive the aircondition would run but no air would come out of the vents after some time. I would turn the aircondition of for a while and than re-engage the system and it would blow cold air again for a while. It had a symptom of the system was low on Freon, like the evaporator was freezing up and after turning aircondition of it would un-thaw.
I had already done the bread clip/zip-tie solution on A/C clutch that does work for the clutch problem.
Brought it to a mechanic and they recharged the Freon for an enormous $$$ to no help with my problem.
I did find a smal blurb on the internet and thought I would try it.
There is a A/C EVAP Temp Sensor located on driver side up underneath the center console above the accelerator, refer to pictures.
Take the wires of first than turn the probe about a 1/4 turn to get it out of the console.
This part is 35$ on amazon and it took 5 minutes to change. (I went to the a wreck yard and found a similar model and got the part for 2$ and it is still working great after a year)

Hope this help and save you some $.
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Re: AC quit after awhile - 2001 V70 - This was my fix

Post by oragex » Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:45 am

When this happens, the a/c lines inside the engine bay will also freeze up literally covered with ice despite the engine bay temperature. This because when the sensor fails the compressor clutch runs without any pause so it cools down the refrigerant way too much.

If pulling a sensor from the jukyard try to find the ones with a black tip - the blue tip were the early ones that are more fragile.

While there, on our LHD cars it's as mentioned a 2min job just pull the sensor and unplug it (pull it first, don't try to unplug it when it's sitting in there). On UK, Australian and other RHD cars, it's a dash out job!! Yep. Unless like someone did, one just cuts the wires, drill a new hole and place the replacement sensor into that new hole and wires it.

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Re: AC quit after awhile - 2001 V70 - This was my fix

Post by abscate » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:23 am

Part number for search


You can also find resistance values in another thread under this part number
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