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Where are you from, guys?

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Where are you from?

South America
North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Total votes: 397

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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by regent »

Atlanta GA - best place ever!
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by bernard28 »

I am from California USA
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by ronnie2067 »

I am from the USA. Hello every one I just bought a 1998 Volvo I think it is this model 1998 v70 t5 wagon bought it today from my aunt needs some work it has 175,000 miles this sight has already help me out thanks I had a windows would not work it is the relay switch thanks you all out there. I love this wagon.
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by mikejordan »

I am from Minnesota USA
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by t-cheap »

Hi everyone,
Paul from Baltimore, MD, in the USA, North America, Earth. Ever use Google maps to convince yourself that it's true? Anyhow, I just bought my second Volvo ever--a 1990 240 DL wagon. Back in the late 1980's I had a 1974 140 wagon and loved it. Now I traded my beloved but impractical '65 Ford F100 pickup for an "old" Volvo with 275k miles. We'll see how it holds up, and who got the better deal. So far, I like the modern conveniences of brakes with a 2 chamber master cylinder, and windows that don't leak. I expect fewer "thumbs up" on the roads, but hopefully a calmer ride with no shifting gears, and I already notice the difference in the cost of feul! Adding a trailer hitch and going to make some simple repairs and hope to drive the heck out of my wagon. I really like this website--used it to convince myself that I was ready to give up the "pickup owner" identity and try a Volvo wagon again. Hopefully I'll only be an "occasional" repair advice seeker.
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by sit22II »

Lima, Peru
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by 1800ES »

Hi all. I'm from Plainsboro, NJ. I grew up in a Volvo family. Dad bought his first in 1986, a 740 turbodiesel. He drove that car for 17 years and finally decided to part with it in 2003 in favor of a new V70... in almost the exact same color. The old 740 had 276,000 miles on it and was still chugging away when he donated it to a shelter for battered women. His 2003 is up over 200,000 miles already as well, though with nowhere near the reliability of the old 740.

My personal Volvo experience started in 2005 when I purchased my 1973 1800ES. Love that car! Most recently, I just purchased a 1996 850 Platinum Edition wagon, which I'm looking forward to getting on the road as soon as we finish some unexpected cooling system repairs as well as removing some of the performance mods that had previously been done. Hopefully by the end of this week, she'll be on the road.

Glad to have found this site. It has already proven to be extremely helpful in the brief week that I've owned the "new" car.
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by sc_hoaty »

Owner of an S70 and an S90, both 1998 models. I'm in South Carolina. Thanks for all the folks who post great "how to" stuff on here. If I get really stuck I will post a question, but generally I find I'm not the first on to have a particular problem.

For example, my S90 driver's window has become reluctant to raise. I found if I fiddled with the switch, said the right combination of cuss words, and held my mouth just right, it would finally cooperate. This method finally failed me a week ago. I was getting ready to take it to the shop, or figure how to pull the door panel.

After a bit of poking around here, I learned I didn't need to pull the door. Instead I just carefully pried out the switch assembly. I was able to use the passenger side switch in the driver's contact block to put the window up. Despite attempts to clean the driver side switch with alcohol, it still refuses to work, so a replacement is on the way.

Thanks again for this great resource!
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by hatpmv »

I am from Covington, Ga just east of Atlanta, I bought my first Volvo 4 years ago, 98 Volvo S70 base, was undecided at first but the sales lady said they will run forever. and remembering my late uncle who used to drive them off the boats when they arrived here, said that was one solid car. I purchased it and now on my second, and I am sold

just recently purchased a 2003 s80, put 3,000 miles on it so far with only 2 minor problems and I am addressing them, otherwise a nice car.

glad to have found this site, already learned quite a bit.
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Re: Where are you from, guys?

Post by slantvaliant »

I'm in Lubbock, Texas. We recently bought a 1993 850. It's my first Volvo, but I've been tinkering on cars on and off for many years. Nothing in the 850 scares me so far, but I'll be picking your collective brains for information as I go through it. I've already been digging through the forum and found some nice nuggets of information. I"ll try to be a constructive member of the community.
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