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Burnt brake light socket

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Burnt brake light socket

Post by Georgeandkira » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:39 am

2007 V70 base 76.6K. Records show "rear lamps replaced" @ 13.5K and 37.6K (for what it's worth).

I found the right side brake light socket loose due to melting. This caused the socket to fail to make contact. It held the bulb perfectly.
With pressure on the pedal I could jiggle the socket and make it light (establishing that the electricity was there).

My fix (an inspired one!) was to stretch a rubber band from the wing of the turn signal lamp down to that of the brake light. The upward pressure is all that's needed to maintain contact.

Anybody experience melted bulb holders? I suppose I should be happy the fixture didn't melt (It appears it didn't).

Any info on the running temps of brake light bulbs? I wonder if genuine Volvo bulbs run cooler.

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