[2004 S60 2.4] Various ABS/DSTC issues

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[2004 S60 2.4] Various ABS/DSTC issues

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Hello, I have S60 which has ongoing problem with ABS/DSTC system, first I went to the mechanic more or less local, who deals only with Volvo. They diagnosed that BCM is faulty, it was showing errors on front sensor both left and right. After clearing DTCs they would come back quite quickly, they also tried and replaced both sensors i went on a ride 20km later errors came up again, so they put old ones back. So it was diagnosed that BCM 8671224 is faulty and it was replaced with a used one from donor car, luckily software matched so no coding was necessary, however... I still had issues, under hard braking the car would turn on ABS even when there was good grip and I was literally losing brakes, quite unsafe to drive (very unsafe), also BCM wouldn't fully calibrate... Anyways wen't again to the shop after some time driving like this, they diagnosed ABS motor which is faulty according to their opinion - fair enough, replaced it from the same donor set (prior they only swapped BCM without ABS motor). So the swap went nicely, BCM calibrated everything was ok for around 50km. Then again I got crappy ABS light... Going back to the shop same problem, ABS shows faulty signal from ABS sensor. Driving like this is a bit of lottery the light sometimes comes up and it's becoming more frequent I guess BCM is kinda more sensitive because of stored errors. Occasionally I feel ABS kicking in for a second but in general it's better than before the ABS motor replacement. I guess my last resort here is to look more carefully at ABS ring located on driveshaft as well as inspecting ABS sensors with oscilloscope, VIDA didn't show any particular specific problems apart from what was mentioned. Diagnostics on ABS were ok more or less, at the time it was checked. Do you have any advice on what to check next? The idea that next BCM failed while possible just sound a bit like a joke...

I have background in electronics as my daily job is firmware engineer, so you can understand my frustration when electronics start to fail on my car. Kinda as a last resort, if no one has any idea. I will rip open old BCM and measure all the parts to see what failed there exactly, or if it was simply going crazy when paired with bad abs motor.

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