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Who's done there RIP kit and NA intake/tb? Need advice!

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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Who's done there RIP kit and NA intake/tb? Need advice!

Post by default »

So I’ve been researching a ton. I’m working on stage 0 but while I’ve got her apart I was thinking about doing a few upgrades, and that led me to the RIP and NA mods.

I’ve got a 98 awd v and when I pull her apart to do the timing belt and pcv i thought why not?

For those with the RIP kit, how are you liking it?

For the NA manifold and tb, I have access to a na at the junk yard, is it worth trying to yank it or just buy the kit from snabb? And those who have it done, what are your impressions? Any gains with mph or hp?

I’m not looking to make a monster, but any performance gains wouldn’t be upsetting. Plus, I like happy turbo noises and I’ve read these will make them a bit more noticeable

What say y’all?
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Re: Who's done there RIP kit and NA intake/tb? Need advice!

Post by Clemens »

I have the factory RIP in my 94 T5 and it works really nice. Since it is a manual car and my 96 is automatic and an R I can't really compare because I think the performance gain on the 94 comes from the short 1st gear.
Honestly, you will definitely get way more bang for the buck out of a good tune. The RIP is just icing on the cake, IMHO.
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Re: Who's done there RIP kit and NA intake/tb? Need advice!

Post by hausmeister »

If you don't have other upgrades I doubt the piping will do much. The factory boost curve is very very mild.
I have the do88 big pack installed (that is IC und bigger reverse piping). It did make a big difference in the top end (even with a lousy 15g), but I think most of that is the bigger intercooler. No throttle body on mine.

Without any tune I don't see much point in it. You will benefit more from doing a proper stage 0 and suspension renewal.
If you plan to do more in the future I'd go ahead and get the do88 radiator, intercooler and maybe pipes, a complete sport exhaust and a tune. If not then I'd just leave it... except if you want it for the looks. It doesn't enhance turbo noises.
Get a mild software tune instead as Clemes said.
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