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2009 V50 Soft Brake Pedal and Slow Start in Mornings

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials devoted to the second generation C70, S40 and V50 Volvos -- awkwardly model year 2004 ½ onwards -- plus where to go for advice and discussion on Volvo's sporty C30 Coupe powered by Volvo's ubiquitous inline 5-cylinder power plant.
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Joined: Thu Dec 19, 2019 7:26 am
Year and Model: 2009 V50
Location: Georgia

2009 V50 Soft Brake Pedal and Slow Start in Mornings

Post by strattsdad »

After my car sits all night, the next morning the brake pedal is almost always soft but will firm up with a few pumps. The car is slow to start as well. Takes several times longer than normal.

Restarts fine at lunch and for the ride home with no brake issues.

Unless it’s a simple fix, I’ll take it to a shop but want to know what is most likely the issue before I go. I trust nobody. 😂
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Re: 2009 V50 Soft Brake Pedal and Slow Start in Mornings

Post by jennysass »

Sounds like two different issues.

Brakes: you have air in there somewhere. Tell your shop not to use the machine. Tell them that they should hand bleed it or just do it yourself if you don’t trust anyone. Get a friend or pay your kid to pump and hold while you open the bleeder valves. After the right rear is bled go to the left rear and repeat, then the right front, and finally the left front. Should have a good pedal. PUMP IT UP--HOLD IT bleed-- PUMP IT UP-- HOLD IT bleed again..

Starting: it’s either battery, alternator, or starter. Get your local Pep Boys to run the free test or do the backyard mechanic test- start engine and hold a multimeter on DC voltage setting to battery posts. If you don’t get over a 14V, most likely your alternator just got an AARP card. I just replaced an alternator and it wasn’t horrible since the base passed where I took out the throttle body.
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