Towing with P2 Volvo

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Towing with P2 Volvo

Post by MisplacedCanuck »

About to pack up the belongings and embark on a cross-continental trip with the '02 V70 XC... Thinking about renting a small cargo trailer to carry all the belongings. Anything that should be a concern to check prior to taking off?

How do the transmissions deal with the heat from it? Does anyone have any experience?
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Post by abscate »

Keep your speed down and make sure you understandtongue loading. You measure that , don’t guess.

Heres a good motivational video of how things go wrong. Note that the thing that starts the sequence is a small lane correction

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Post by Yycvolvo »

If you check my posts on the topic called “Towing with an S60”, I wouldn’t be too worried about towing with an xc70. If you’re looking at the Uhaul trailers, any of them will be fine, with maybe the exception of the tandem axle trailers, and depending on the payload weight you’re putting in there.
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Post by Blacklab467 »

Nice "garage sale" video! Thats typical of what happens when the trailer approaches or exceeds the tow vehicle size and weight. My next door neighbour did that this summer, his minivan owner's manual said he could tow a 4200 lb trailer so he bought a 4100 lb trailer............then loaded it up with a wife and three kids worth of camping stuff and bicycles, water and food, etc. He didn't have 500 kms or three trips on the new trailer before he smashed it to bits on the highway, fortunately nobody was hurt. Hey MisplacedCanuck, do you still want that piece of seat plastic I got for you from the boneyard?
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Post by Georgeandkira »

Another illustrative video from abscate. Thanks.

1) Following the "Macho Law of the Road", the towing vehicle never slows down in an attempt to recover control.
How stupid can people be? ....oh, never mind.

2) The uninterrupted conversation in the video vehicle is almost freaky.

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