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Trunk & Fuel Door Won't Open & Fuel Gauge is Wrong In 1 Day?

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Trunk & Fuel Door Won't Open & Fuel Gauge is Wrong In 1 Day?

Post by russiandoll » Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:51 pm

My car: Volvo S60
Mileage: 94,000

My car is out of alignment right now. I'll state that up front. It's out of alignment because it needs a new control arm and a CV Joint and both are coming to the mechanic this week but until its replaced, I've been advised that even if they align it... it will go right back out. I agreed to wait a few days because they'll have to re-align it with those steering parts going in. In the meantime, I'm being gentle with it and not trying to push it until the part for the repair gets here. I state this up front because I'm thinking it might be related to this.

So today, I went to open my trunk and it won't open using the remote entry. I figured that the battery on the remote is going bad so I make a mental note to go buy a new one. The latch made no release noise and it seemed unresponsive to the button but again, I thought it was the battery on the remote entry pad. Then I get in the car and start driving and watch the gas gauge never leave 'E' when I know I have well over half a tank in there at least.

Paranoid about the gas thing, I went to the gas station on my way home from work and couldn't get the gas door open. The latch that holds the door closed broke off about 30k miles ago. It just popped off but the door has always stayed shut on its own. Now it won't budge open and if I pull on it, its like its wedged in position or stuck on something inside and no amount of pulling will un-stick it and I'm afraid if I pull too hard I'll be in real trouble.

I'm a little perturbed because I'm wondering how this all cascaded like this suddenly. Yesterday, I had the two front tires replaced in preparation for having the alignment done later this week. The shop as far as I know didn't do anything to the car but I'm wondering if something happened to it while it was in the shop they're not admitting to?

There's no apparent outward damage to my car, otherwise. Nothing that would easily explain why all three things simultaneously stopped working properly in one day? Is it the alignment? Is God taunting me?

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Re: Trunk & Fuel Door Won't Open & Fuel Gauge is Wrong In 1 Day?

Post by vegasjetskier » Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:16 pm

The alignment has nothing to do with the other problems you are having.

With regard to the trunk lid, maybe when the car was at the shop one of the techs hit the trunk lockout button. See #2 below:
CenterConsoleSwitches.jpg (8 KiB) Viewed 2560 times
1. Folding head restraints (option)
This button is used to fold down the outboard rear head restraints. The ignition key must be in position I or II or the engine must be running.

NOTE: If the head restraints have been folded down, they must be returned to their original position manually. The head restraints should be in the upright position before the rear seat backrests are folded down.


For safety reasons, no one should be allowed to sit in the outboard rear seat positions if the head restraints are folded down. If these positions are occupied, the head restraints should be in the upright (fixed) position.

2. Valet lock (trunk lock)
Pressing this switch locks the trunk, even if the doors are unlocked. The trunk will remain locked even if the doors are locked/unlocked using the master key or the remote control.
To use this function:

Turn the master key to position II.
Press the "Valet lock" button. An LED in the button will light up and "VALET LOCK ON" will be displayed on the text window to indicate that this function is activated.
The function can be turned off (deactivated) by turning the ignition key to position II and pressing the "Valet lock" button again (the LED in the button will go out and "VALET LOCK OFF" will be displayed in the text window).

On the fuel door, it could be that the hinge has broken. Here's how to replace it: http://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/forums ... hp?p=64733


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