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D5 lack of power

How to go faster, stop quicker, and turn harder. Chips, exhaust, larger turbos, bigger/slotted/drilled rotors, high performance brake pads, manual boost controllers, performance shocks/struts/springs, airbox mods and more! Also discussion on HID and Xenon lights, aftermarket foglights and other exterior lighting.
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D5 lack of power

Post by devgray »

I have a 2006 V70 D5 [185] manual and how I love it! :lol:

On the strength of this, about 6 weeks ago I bought an XC70, 2010MY D5 [205] manual 55,000 miles and am I disappointed! :(

It has loads of great features but seems very under powered and terrible on fuel (26 mpg) compared to the V70 (40+mpg).
It has been in to my local Volvo dealer and they said there is nothing wrong, I got them to do an interim oil change as the car had been stood on the garage forecourt for possibly a number of months.

The engine cover was removed and it was found that a small rodent (mouse) had been in there and chewed a lot of the foam type insulation and left it strewn all over the top of the injectors along with a hazelnut! I've checked for other eaten parts but can't find any! While I was searching away I found a torx screw lying on top of a solenoid ( 3 pipe turbo boost ???) near the bulkhead. This screw fitted the solenoid valve top slot, so I screwed it back in!

Anyone shed any light on this, are the things linked or is the XC70 just under powered (i'd hate to have the [175] if it is)?

Sorry if this has been covered before :oops:

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Post by ed7 »

There are few diesels in the US, and fewer on this board.
Quite possibly, you could have leaky injectors. You mention the car sat for a while. A fuel additive expressly made for diesels may be helpful.
A diesel shop may have an exchange program for injectors that is not as expensive as the purchase of a new set.

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Post by jimmy57 »

Take your car for a higher speed highway extended drive. That car will have diesel particulate filter (DPF) and may have SCR system too. SCR will not cause sluggishness and poor MPG but the DPF being obstructed and especially if it is trying to do an active regeneration, the power and MPG will suffer. A high speed drive where there is more engine load and exhaust heat will cause passive regeneration and also allow active regeneration of the DPF. The DPF collects soot and when exhaust heat is high enough some of the soot will burn to ash and parts pass the filter wall (passive regen). If the DPF gets restricted enough then the ECM will commence active regeneration which alters injection timing and turbo boost to produce more exhaust heat and also operates an injector on exhaust stroke to add raw fuel to exhaust to combust for enough heat to burn the ash.
Your 06 would likely not have these aftertreatment systems.

If the car had a lot of city driving with its first owner it is even possible the DPF may need cleaning off car or replacement.

I'm not sure how sensitive you are but the power level difference may make the heavier P3 XC70 a little more sluggish but a very noticeable difference would mean something is not right.

Piezo injectors on that engine have had no issues at such low miles. The HPCR fuel system injectors typically go over 100K with no troubles unless filters are not serviced and water gets to them. Water in fuel pump and injectors makes it run rough and set DTC's with engine service light illuminated.

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