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1995 460 1.8 Uneven cold idle after tank removal

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1995 460 1.8 Uneven cold idle after tank removal

Post by sn1009 » Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:53 am

Volvo 460 1,8 B18U gasoline, single point injection.

I could some opinions on what's wrong with my car.

The problem occured after I had the gas tank removed in order to replace a leaking brake pipe.

1) When the engine is cold the idle is uneven
2) Hesitates on acceleration when the engine is cold - sometimes it feels like it's about to die when I attempt to accelerate and I have to declutch to prevent it from dying. It normally helps to rev the engine beyond 2000rpm before slowly releasing the clutch in order to get the vehicle moving.
3) It spits out, what I assume to be, unburned fuel from the tailpipe when the engine is cold (it smells like gasoline and leaves black stains on my white wall)
I haven't tested if it also spits out gasoline when the engine is warm.
4) Increased fuel consumption from app. 14km/l (33mpg) to 11km/l (26mpg)

1 and 2 resolves themselves after about 1 minute of driving and after that the car runs normal - besides from the increase in fuel consumption.

This is what I've done to try to locate/fix the problem
A) New spark plugs
B) Tested all spark plug cables (removed all cables one by one while the engine was running and verified a change in engine noise)
C) Verified that all connections to the gas tank is ok
D) Tested for fault codes - no faults found
E) Added 600ml of Bardahl fuel injector cleaner to 1/2 a tank a gas and ran it until gas tank almost empty before re-fueling (recommended by the guy in the autopart-store)

The problem persists.
It should be noted though that I have not verified fuel consumption after using the fuel injector cleaner as I just refueled the almost empty tank the other day. Problem 1 and 2 persists though - even after using the fuel injector cleaner.

The car uses no fluids, besides gasoline.
The problem is very consistent - the car behaves the same every day.

Could it be the O2 sensor?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Soren Nielsen

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