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Camping in the Canadian Rockies

Have a trip report? Photos, your thoughts, mpg, anything... you're invited to post it here.
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Camping in the Canadian Rockies

Post by benrk »


Finally taking the XC on a bigger road trip, 1 week in the Canadian Rockies, starting Mon 01 Sep in Winnipeg, checking out the last original elevator row of North America in Inglis/MB, spending the 1st night in Swift Current/SK & go camping in the rain in Banff/AB tonight.

We're off to a bad start as naturally the car is acting up, removed the propeller shaft for the rear wheels for a bad center bearing before the trip & there still is some noise from the rear & on the evening of the 1st day the #4 coil started coding, posting this from "Mr Volvo" in Calgary, where they were so kind to keep a bay open for our ETA to change the coil even though customers that are calling for oil changes get appointments for the 12th the earliest.

Starting with breakfast @ The Forks in Winnipeg

Entering Alberta
Inglis elevator row
Inglis elevator row
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Re: Camping in the Canadian Rockies

Post by Ben850 »

I was only there once, almost 30 years ago on an unforgettable North American road trip.
At that time I was not aware a Momma Moosen could easily kill you for getting too close to its young.
Fun though.
Fun though.
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