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How to buy, install and use VIDA, VADIS, DiCE, VMWare and all the questions and answers that come with these tools.
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Tried to install vida dice 2014D

Post by nyc1836 »

I have 07 XC 90.I bought Vida dice on eBay played around with it for a few weeks and tried it on 2 lap tops.I have windows 7 64bit finally removed explorer 11 and have internet explorer8.I am able to log in into all in one with password admin that's about it.There is no connection talking to car.The diagnostic tool works and led blink and test pass.I just cant get any communication with car.I know i probably need another few weeks to read all the forums here I am a little good with computers but slow reader so for now I am sending this one back I bought from US for $80 and wanted to order another.also I hear people talking here about virtual machine, any advice help full

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Post by stoutlogic »

Im in the same boat. Only I can't get to vida thru ie 11 only firefox.

I keep getting this error.... Anyone know whats up?

I'm running a fresh install on a fully hardware compliant 7 professional 64 bit, 4MB RAM, 60GB disk space, IE11. VIDA 2014D

I can not connect VIDA thru IE 11 but I can thru Firefox by trying in HTTP://localhost/VIDA. IE11 just times out for some reason. Anyway in Firefox I can log in under ADMIN and get to the main ViDA screen as seen in link. However Vida does not seem to be connecting to the car itself. The laptop definitely connects to the DICE unit. IDK but i would assume VIDA would connect to the DICE and pull the VIN into the software? This does not happen. If I manually enter the VIN I get the error as show in the link above. Any thoughts?

Its difficult for me to know whats up as I have never seen or used VIDA software or Dice before, so I'm not sure as to how it should function. Any help would be appreciated.

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Post by ElectricW »

I have installed Vida Dice 2014D on two (identical) laptops - both running Windows 8.1, 64 bit. I got the instructions from Swedish Volvo Forum. Its a little messing about, but achievable if you follow the instructions. The instructions are supposed to be good through to Windows 10. I can send them to you if you like (and I may be able to find the original link I copied them from).

I run Vida under IE11. For internet browsing, I use Firefox, or usually Chrome - I only use IE when I have problems with certain sites.

I used a DICE box that I bought on Ebay a couple of months ago from China. It cost me around £62 UK pounds, delivered with the software. (around 3 weeks delivery) It works fine.

All I have to do know is learn my way around VIDA - it's seems like trial and error - but I will get there in the end...

I can use it to read & clean codes, so I have the main thing I wanted.

I keep getting high & low fuel errors.... but I think it may have been a blockage, it seems to have cleared now (using Archoil 6400D in the fuel).

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Post by stoutlogic »

Thanks for the offer, but I ultimately got it up an running on Windows 7 and IE9. It was a royal PIA and for some reason every time my laptop updates it breaks VIDA. Its simple fix now just re running the "PATCH" but still its a real cluster F#ck. Feels like I'm using software from 1996.

I'm from the states but was actually in your neighborhood when you responded. Visited, London, Rugby, Falmouth, Exmouth, Corwall, Looe. Had a great time.


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Post by wizechatmgr »

Turn off windows updates. That will eliminate most (but not all) updates coming from Microsoft.

*Update* That moment when you realize the post was from over a month ago... *bangs head on desk*
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