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wet back floor

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wet back floor

Post by buffalo-s60 »

good afternoon
I have a 2009 s40, I lot of water on the back passenger floor, right hand side when seated. At this time I am guessing that it is from the AC drain. I have been running the ac to dehumidify foggy windows and now it seems I have made it worse. I am hoping someone can direct me to to locations I should inspect for the AC drain. some pics or drawings would be great.. any other advice is certainly welcome too.
...... ok update, I have pulled back the carpet and found the drain line, EASY!!! I removed the 2 inch long black tube going into the fitting breaching the floor. I did poke up into the box fitting and it stopped solid about half an inch up. everything is bone dry, in the tube, fitting, and around the tube.
back floor is swimming....
It did seem like wetter on top of the mat than the carpet under the mat. if this is a clue.
last,, I pulled off the right front hand post cover to inspect the moon roof drain line, it is connected and dry. I don't think this could have got to the back BUT I looked anyway.
is their a drain in the center post ??? maybe ??

as always thanks in advance

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Post by skloon »

Sunroof drain perhaps ? I know these have problems with them but that is usually in the front where it goes under the hood

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Post by buffalo-s60 »

I gave up and sent it to the dealer.. they said the moon roof drains,,, but the front was dry??? I guess I will never know for certain .... they are going to pull the entire interior and put everything in the paint booth and cook it dry... sounds good to me...
if it gets wet again it will be on them,, again sounds good to me..
I will post back when enough time has passed ant let everyone know if it worked.

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Post by BG123 »

Sounds like the moonroof drains to me. The same issue happened repeatedly on my 2007 S40 on both sides. I was able to fix it myself with help from this forum: https://forums.swedespeed.com/showthrea ... light=Leak. The drain tubing is located along the driver and passenger door frames, mine was dislodged from the rubber fitting on both sides. I bought some plastic tubing from Home Depot and epoxied it together, has solved the problem ever since.

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Post by dirtywater24 »

How did things work out for you at the dealer? I'm asking because I have a 2010 s40 with the same problem. The sunroof drain tube was disconnected from the firewall and I fixed it. I confirmed the fix through testing. I'm still getting water in the rear passenger floorboard after rain.

I'm wondering if it was the cowl or AC drain hose?

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Post by RickHaleParker »

dirtywater24 wrote: Thu Jan 30, 2020 5:47 am I'm still getting water in the rear passenger floorboard after rain.
There are four sunroof drain hoses, two front and two rear. You will need to drop the edge of the headliner to get to the rear drain hoses.
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