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Ard green stage 2 ecu question

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Ard green stage 2 ecu question

Post by D4vet5 »

Hi gang, I have a ARD ecu green stage 2. The ecu number is 0 261 203 936 G4.2 I searched and it's from a GLT. I've tested it by putting it into my S70T5m 98 and the car starts and seems to work fine but I haven't really drove it enough and put back my stock ecu since I was worried it would screw something up.Now my question is will I run into problems if I put it in my T5? Since the glt and T5 have different injectors ect.. and will the power gain be different?

Thank you very much

Chuck W
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Post by Chuck W »

That ECU is from a '97 GLT, which is an M4.4 ECU. Your stock ECU in the '98 is also an M4.4., which means it should run fine.

However, I have been messing with using flashed M4.4 ECUs in the wife's '97 GLT, and we did find out that the AC routines for the '97 GLT were different from the other M4.4's (850 HVAC controls, vs the S/V70 ones in the '98). You may or may not have working AC if you use that ECU in the '98.

A couple experiences I had with the '936 ECUs, though these may not be normal.
- I could not flash a new M4.4 bin to the -936 ECU (Tried a -607 (VS version))
- I could not flash another -936 bin to a different -936 ECU
Both times the car would try and start, but fail to do so.

The assumption was (from folks who know more than me about it) was it had something to do with an immobilizer in the -936, even though the 97 GLT doesn't have one. There is some extra hardware on the -936 ECU vs the other M4.4 ECUs. (From the VolvoSpeed forum discussion on the subject). I never had a '98MY car to try a -936 ECU in.

It's possible that the ARD tuner was able to get around that. All I know is that when I was trying to sort this out for our car, I had no one indicate that they had ever gotten a flashed tune to work on a '97 GLT. (Well, work AND have working AC)
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Post by erikv11 »

There is no way of knowing which injectors the ARD green tune is set up for. It could already be set up for white injectors in your 98. Knowing where the ECU blank came from (a 97 GLT) is not helpful on that front. You really want to know who bought the tune from ARD, or more importantly what car it was made for.

Since it seems to work in your 98, I wouldn't be afraid to drive on it a little bit and see how it goes, nothing dramatic will happen right away. HOWEVER pay CLOSE attention to the AC. If ARD set up the the ECU for a Motronic 4.3 car, then the AC compressor will run all the time in your 98 and get cooked.

Otherwise your best bet is to drive and monitor fuel trim with an OBDII scanner or app setup, that will give you a pretty good indication of whether or not it was set up for the whites you have.
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Post by D4vet5 »

Great, I will do that! I will monitor everything and test it out more and try to find out more about it. Thank you very much for the help and advice you guys!

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Post by matthew1 »

Maybe Lucky at ARD will tell you what it’s set up for.
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