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C70 cruise control clutch position sensor problem

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C70 cruise control clutch position sensor problem

Post by Philthy »

Hi, having read this forum for several years, I thought it time to sign up, and give something back.
I recently noticed that my cruise control had stopped working. This is a problem for me, as we drive from the UK to Southern France several times a year. A 14 hour drive without CC was not an option, so time to read some obd codes. The code was P0805 (clutch position sensor). After removing the trim under the steering wheel, it is very easy to get at, and takes seconds to replace. In fact, it took me longer to remove and replace the trim. The volvo original part cost me just over £50, so about $70US. It is possible to fix it very cheaply, by soldering a resistor across it, to bring the sensor back within tolerance.
A picture paints a thousand words, but a YouTube video speaks volumes:

Replacing the sensor:

Fixing it for pence:

I hope this saves somebody a few hours researching the problem, and several bucks fixing it.

Thanks, Phil
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