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2004 XC-70, aftermarket resonator replacement?

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Herb Goltz
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Year and Model: 2004 & 2006 XC-70
Location: Aurora, ON, Canada
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2004 XC-70, aftermarket resonator replacement?

Post by Herb Goltz »

Hi All:

My newly-acquired 2004 XC-70's resonator (the front muffler) has blown out. Has anyone found a good aftermarket one to have welded in? The car only has 134k km, so the pipes are in great shape, so I would rather go this route than a cat-back, which only seems to last 2-3 years on salty Canadian roads. I have a good muffler shop that usually does welding for me.

That said, I suspect the rear muffler won't be too far behind. Any tips on what to use there? I have had a bit of sticker shock looking at aftermarket direct fit systems...


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Post by SuperHerman »

If I recall correctly I bought a Walker unit from Rockauto, just looked and it is under $50. Worked just fine for the 30k or so miles until I sold the car. Mounting was not an issue.

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Post by Blacklab467 »

I put a Walker on mine from the Cat to the muffler 5 years ago, it was a near perfect fit and still in great shape on salty roads, I used a OEM muffler from the boneyard because I found a perfect one and the aftermarket muffler was over $300.
2003 XC 70, 2007 Duramax LBZ.

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Post by br0dy519 »

My mechanic offered to weld in a piece of straight pipe for $75 CAD all in. I think JRL calls it his resonator mod or something, he’s very proud about it :mrgreen:
His- 04 S60 - 300km
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- Pete -
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Post by - Pete - »

With a section of pipe in there vs a resonator it really doesn’t change the loudness very much at all. These I5’s sound very nice with a little relief applied to the original exhaust system.

You’ll have a little deeper tone and a slight “pop” on decel, other than that, not much change at all.
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Herb Goltz
Posts: 147
Joined: Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:47 am
Year and Model: 2004 & 2006 XC-70
Location: Aurora, ON, Canada
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Post by Herb Goltz »

Thanks all! I went with a welded-in aftermarket resonator. My exhaust guy likes to preserve the original pipes as long as possible, as the replacement cat-back systems really don't last on salty Canadian roads...

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