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2006 2.5T AWD - Stage Zero Preventative Maintenance - Angle Gear, Haldex, and Rear Diff

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Year and Model: 2006 S60 2.5T AWD
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2006 2.5T AWD - Stage Zero Preventative Maintenance - Angle Gear, Haldex, and Rear Diff

Post by moncureww »

I have a 2006 s60 AWD with 213k miles on it. So far I have had lots of work done by an excellent mechanic to get the car to stage zero, maintenance wise. My question - and tell me if I'm incorrect - is does my car have two separate fluids on the rear diff (haldex fluid for haldex, then gear oil for diff), and then one at the front axle (angle gear)? Is this correct? Little by little I'm changing all the fluids and wear items on the car for peace of mind. Just to share, in the last 2500 miles of ownership I've had the following completed:

Synthetic Oil Change
PCV System Overhaul (OEM and IPD kit)
Transmission Fluid Drain/Fill (Volvo Fluid)
Timing Belt & Water Pump and tensioners (OEM Volvo)
Front Control Arms R&R (OEM)
Front Strut Mounts and all parts above struts R&R (OEM)
Drain & Fill Haldex Filter & Diff
Front Sway Bar End Links (OEM)
Trans Torque Mount R&R (OEM)
Main Coolant Hoses and Coolant R&R (OEM Volvo)
Thermostat Replacement (Bosch)
Turbo Hose Ends R&R (silicone IPD)
Radiator Replacement (Nissens)

Any recommendations on things to do, small things I could add to this list in addition to the above question about the different fluids in the driveline? Upgrades (shadetree DIY or professionally done - either work for me) that make sense from a stock standpoint or slightly better that will make things more reliable / predictable as well as perform for the long run are most appreciated.

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Post by - Pete - »

Correct: the front half of the rear final drive is an electronic clutch type mechanism that requires Genuine Volvo AOC oil, link here - https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo- ... r-31325136

The rear half is your ring and pinion gear and requires nothing special, just synthetic gear oil 75/90 or 80/90 weight. I just use whatever I have laying around. Same with the “front” bevel gear aka transfer case - nothing special, just synthetic gear oil.

Proper fill procedure for all of those 3 is to fill to the point it drips out, then evacuate ~100ml.

EDIT: I meant to say that your list is pretty comprehensive, but I’d also be sure to have fresh spark plugs (Volvo/Bosch plugs at that) in there every 40k or so as well. Very cheap way to keep your ignition coils ($46-50 per coil) going for a long time.

I also meant to write that there is a shared seal between the front “AOC” portion of the rear final drive and the rear differential. It seldom fails. If it does, getting AOC oil in your rear diff is no big deal. However, you DO NOT want gear oil getting in your AOC. So be very cognizant of how your AOC oil appears when you evacuate it. It should be rather thin, possibly dark at the end of the evacuation. Same goes for your rear diff gear oil - you’ll see layers if there is a leak at the shared seal.
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Post by Blacklab467 »

You might want to look into changing the three motor mounts at that mileage, not too bad of a job. I had a collapsed passenger side and a split rear motor mount that I just changed. You couldn't see the split until it was off the car. Other than that, emergency brake shoes are probably worn out or delaminated and cheap to replace.
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