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S40 Steering Rack Bellows Boots Gaiters, Heat Shield

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1996 - 2004 S40
1996 - 2004 V40

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S40 Steering Rack Bellows Boots Gaiters, Heat Shield

Post by teddy326 »

I want to replace the Steering Rack Bellows on 2001 S40. 110k miles. Broken in half - old age I guess.
Looking down the firewall.
I see 2 heatshields.
One bolted to the firewall with 3 off 10mm nuts. Looks easy to remove.
Second one on the steering rack obscures the retaining clip on one side.
Second heatshield appears to be made of fibreboard or FG covered in Al Foil.
Appears to be held on with about 3 pop rivets into something.
How does this second heat shield come off?
Is it clipped on to the Power Steering rack main tube?
Or do I have to break it and replace with some al sheeting.

Pics here:

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