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V70 Rear Suspension Delta Link Replacement

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Volvo Repair Database V70 Rear Suspension Delta Link Replacement

Post by martinuk » Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:56 am

Hi, as I found the posts on here so useful thought I would add my observations.

I had a rattle over low speed bumps.

Found movement in left front spring mount, could detect by getting someone to rock car and putting hand on top mount.

Also found slight play in front anti roll bar links, so replaced spring mount and links.

Rattle reduced but more obvious from rear.

Again got friend to rock car whilst feeling delta link mount just forward of rear wheel. I could fee movement in bonded bush.

Later also found one of exhaust tailpipe mountings broken.

Read up on forums and found horror stories experienced in replacing link/bush, so checked with local Volvo centre, but they wanted £240 a side.

Next option was to do it myself, spoke to FRF Volvo Swansea, very helful and ordered up special tool 9995497.

2011_0722volvobush0007 by nitram2010, on Flickr

Bought a Lemforder link from Euro Car Parts.
2011_0722volvobush0012 by nitram2010, on Flickr

The tool makes it straight forward.

volvospecialtoolmountingae8 by nitram2010, on Flickr

Couple of tips:-

First remove the bolt with splined top, that holds link into arm, before undoing other fixings.

2011_0722volvobush0019 by nitram2010, on Flickr

I unscrewed nut until flush with end of bolt and hit with a copper mallet.

Mine came out ok, as arm is held firm, so shock not lost.

You do need to undo the lower shock absorber mounting, but make sure you support the suspension to control the release of coil spring pressure.

With car on stands I used the car jack under the suspension to move up/down to see the point where the shock absorber mounting lost tension. This can then removed from fixing (self levelling would be different)

With the arm removed from its location, the tool can be used to pull out link/bush.

2011_0722volvobush0029 by nitram2010, on Flickr

I put copper grease on new link and it went in fine using tool, just keep an eye to make sure fixing in arm lines up ok and bush is correctly inserted . You may need to use a suitable tool to line up holes ( I used a seal remover)

Replaced exhaust mount and rattle now gone, it may have been the exhaust making noise, but bush had unbonded so needed doing anyway.

I have some pics which I will try and upload.



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Re: V70 Rear Suspension Delta Link Replacement

Post by [email protected] » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:12 pm

Hi Folks:

I just had to do these links on my 96 Volvo wagon. I have a nearly brand new, genuine Volvo Delta link tool. Used one time to do my car. Excellent condition. If you need this tool, I would like to sell it for $135 plus shipping and any fees. Send me message or reply to this thread and let me know how to get in touch. This took a bit of tracking down to find one in the US. Hopefully I won't ever need it again on this car, as it's at around 300K miles. ;-)

I highly suggest drilling out the rubber around the link, even when using this tool. They are VERY tight. Get as much penetrating oil into the slot as possible. Once it is out, clean the holes thoroughly with a dremel or similar tool, loob it up good and they will go right in nicely. I got my parts from FCP Euro. They said it was a "chinese" made part, but it was actually a European made part of very good quality.

Kind regards,

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Re: V70 Rear Suspension Delta Link Replacement

Post by Volvo1998T5 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:27 pm

Hello Lee,

I’ve read your post and I want to buy this tool.
Do you still have it?

Andrew Jasper

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