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Part 2: PNP Removal

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.

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Ozark Lee
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by Ozark Lee »

Without codes all we can do is guess. Double check that the W switch isn't depressed but that typically lights the up arrow solid and the car is very doggy off the line.

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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by dcaplan »

Oddly, after plugging in an ODB II connector, the problem went away and hasn't been back since. I didn't even have to plug the cable into my laptop. Seems weird but I'm not complaining!
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by Chaz »

I just did the job today with only one problem. No worries with alignment as I ran a pencil round the cable nuts and when re-fitting the switch I first fitted the right side bolt when facing the front of the car, then rotated till I could see the exact dirty mark down in the slot on the other side where it had been set, bolted up and done. I did not take the wiring out and nor did I even disconnect or remove the battery. There is plenty of room for it all. I bought the correct grease from an auto-electrical repairer.
It is handy for sticking those little brass things in to the wiper so they don't fall out while assembling.
I used 600 wet and dry on all contacts till they were shiny and then lathered everything with the special contact grease.

So once back together the reverse lights were working but the up light was still flashing[the reason for the job being done.]
The car was not misbehaving at all but after draining fluid the flashing light had previously started happening. I was convinced it would be the solenoid job so I called my local Volvo repairer. The guy asked if I had cleared the fault codes. I replied that I had tried by depressing the button with the led for 5 seconds.
He told me to do it for 12 seconds, then when the light comes on again quickly depress for another 12 seconds. It worked! I had to do it twice though as first time the light did not come back on as predicted.
I am now flashing arrow light free. Haven't tried starting in neutral though, I admit. I never do. Never have, didn't even have awareness that you could. Will try.
But as I say, this job can be done with wiring in place and battery still connected. I didn't take the cover off the throttle body either.
Thanks for the write up. I have the luxury of a spare car that's being wrecked so I can dismantle and then decide what didn't need to be pulled apart.
One other thing I found was when the left side of the switch was undone the transmission dipstick was free to pull out of the casing . This happened on the spare and lots of fluid came out.
It happened on the good car too but didn't see any fluid there and it is filled to the correct level. Maybe the wreck had been overfilled.Just another mystery.
polskamafia mjl
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by polskamafia mjl »

Ya sounds like the other car was overfilled. The dipstick itself sticks out of the bottom of the tube quite a bit so even a full level should be well below where the opening for the tube is. I'm glad you got it working.
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by roadmaster99 »

I just have one question. if you are just simply replacing the pnp switch and not over hauling it, do you still need to align the switch during installation
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by erikv11 »

Yes, you do. The gear shifter (and the PNP switch need to both be pointing at the same gear for example, reverse), you get that synchrony from the alignment process.
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by williamhenrickson »

Did the PNP after the classic orange arrow/ row shifter annoyance every month became no start. What helped me push it off was the excellent "850 OBDII" app for Android. Allows you to read and clear codes from all the computers, like the tranny.

I did not remove the nuts for the connector housing, or mess with the maf cable or remove airbox, I just popped it up out of the way after removing the front air guide.

A biggie was I did not remove the shifter cable nuts at all, the rod comes off without it. This meant the alignment was never an issue, the only thing is the PNP itself has a range of movement on it's side mounting nuts so I wiggled it until it went to it's natural resting position halfway and tightened it down. Reverse lights and start on first try.
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by Quicken »

Sigh....Had the reverse light no lit issue.
- Bought an aftermarket PNP from amazon and got it installed at dealership 14May19.
- Worked great for 3 weeks, no reverse light issue, no gear switch problems.
- 10Jun19 started having up arrow flashing intermittently some days and at different times.
- when up arrow is flashing, rpm seems to be high (stuck in 3rd gear??) but it also felt like in neutral where when i step on gas pedal, rpm goes up, but returns little power back?

- Question: Could the aftermarket PNP be faulty? or Something else related is acting up? Some kind of coil or ?
- Will bring back to Volvo dealership and pull codes and if necessary install a genuine Volvo PNP to check.

Thank you for your answers in advance.

1st owner of 96 850 base....learnt a lot and suffered with smile=)
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Re: Part 2: PNP Removal

Post by tardcart »

This is generally agreed to be a Volvo only part when replacing. Do not drive it in limp mode, you will burn the clutches up as its third gear. get a cheap [email protected] reader and cancel the code on the side of the road to drive home. Meanwhile try starting it in neutral and then shifting to drive, this illuminates reverse and park for no signal and may keep from throwing the code.
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