1999 Volvo S80; Head Gasket Question

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1999 Volvo S80; Head Gasket Question

Post by jacobcag »

Hello Fellow Volvo Amigos,

Long story short, my dumba$$ broke the coolant pump pipe bolt that runs into the back of the cylinder head. My question is whether I need to purchase another head gasket. I've torqued down the cylinder head (40nm) but didn't tighten it to the angle (130 degrees). What I'm not sure about is whether the gasket has been formed to the block yet, since A I didn't run it at all and B It wasn't torqued to the degree (not sure how much more force that applies to the bolts). This may seem like a dumb question to some but if I can reuse the gasket I'd like to.

I'll be posting some pictures of it tomorrow once I take off the head. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

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Post by SuperHerman »

That is a tough one. If I recall the hg is MLS. It is not an expensive part if one wants to be safe.

That said I have reused hgs in similar situations as you are in and have not had a problem. Specifically no oil added, no heat and when I removed the head the hg did not have any material come off it.

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