Need help deciding on a XC60 2011

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Need help deciding on a XC60 2011

Post by johnglazer »

Hey guys,

Newbie at Volvos here. I'm looking at a 2011 X60 T6 R level 3 trim with 170,000 miles on it. Dealer is asking US$5,100 for it.

It has been well maintained by one owner at the dealership on time. Question is, are these cars dependable past this mileage (which i'm guessing is mostly highway), and is there something I should know regarding this model and this year (at this mileage)... I don't want to be spending thousands soon...



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Post by jimmy57 »

Generally P3 models have been very good and are disliked by techs for not needing more things serviced and repaired. There are things that do fail in time on P3 models just like any car of any make. The electric cooling fans and the controller have shorter life than P2 generally. That may have already been changed. The crankcase breather box is on top of engine and easy to change and those tend to go 100K miles or thereabouts and then fail. If that dealer has serviced it then ask to see service records and determine what repairs have been made. It is still a good idea to have another shop with Volvo experience look at it. They should be able to give a good idea of what they see that may need to be serviced in time. If you are a DIY'er these are not hard to work on usually. The blower motor for climate system is a bit tough but there are many DIY'ers that have changed those and lots of Youtube help for that.

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