Didn't notate hydraulic lifters position

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Re: Didn't notate hydraulic lifters position

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Resurrecting this thread...

I also didn’t annotate where my lifters were supposed to go. I had every intention of marking them but when I set the head on its side, thinking the oil film would hold the lifters in, they all fell out. OOOPs.
I have read up on the adjustment procedure for solid lifts, and will be doing that.

My question is: Will I need new lifters?

I assume this if I reuse the old lifters and go through the adjustment process the solid lifters require, just because I get everything within spec doesn’t mean I have necessarily put the exact same lifter in exact same valve. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am under the impression that you can reuse a cam with new lifters, but you cannot reuse a lifter. I might be answering my own question here, but I m just making sure I don’t waste $300 buying new lifters.


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