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Driver door leaks in rain / 2011 XC90 v8

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo XC90s. The XC90 proved to be very popular, and very good for Volvo's sales numbers, since its introduction in model year 2003 (North America).
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Driver door leaks in rain / 2011 XC90 v8

Post by Pretribrapper »

I opened my car door one day and wind took it open further than it should have opened. Thought it was all good to go as it still shut and opened seemingly normal however the car wash showed me that is not the case. Car leaks water at top of door now. Any idea on what to look at replacing? Will replacing hinges alone fix or could it be other damage from door blowing open too far? Really dont want to buy parts unnecessarily.
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Re: Driver door leaks in rain / 2011 XC90 v8

Post by MoVolvos »

Hi Pretribrapper,

Find something like the color paint / paste used on the crash dummies during the Crash Tests of cars and spread a THIN film around the metal part of the door frame where you think the leak is coming from. Gently close the door till it click / latch. Open to see where there is little to no paste transfer to the door seal.

May have to have a body shop bend the door or frame. Sometimes shimming may help but that is up to the skill of the person doing the work.



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