Clicking noise upon ignition on

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Clicking noise upon ignition on

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2000 Volvo S80 T6 Twin charged

Basically just that the first time I tried it the lights were dim and it said that my ABS system needed work ASAP. I have never seen that message before. Also the first time I tried to start it all of the dash indicators were on and wouldn't go away.

I turned the key off and let it sit.

A little recent history. About a month ago my turbo boost pressure sensor was replaced. On the first smooth drive in months the car started smoking terribly and so I got home quickly. I noticed that one of the two little valve caps on top of the engine had popped off.

I bought the parts to replace it and the gasket maker to do so. I took off the plastic cover and started with the bolts on the valve cover itself but then I learned that I needed a special belt tension tool do that because Sweden likes difficulty I guess.

I decided it was more a hassle than was worth the little time I do have to myself I decided to sell it for $500. Even though I paid $3,000 for it a few months back. I put the parts back on exactly as they were and reattached the bolts and the one ground I had to disconnect . It was disconnected for about a week.

I have someone lined up to look at it tomorrow, however it is now doing this clicking noise and wont start at all. Not even so much as an attempt to roll over. I recorded a video but this site does not allow them in post.

Basically the video goes as follows:

1. I put the key in the ignition and set it to on but not start yet. Usually I get my stereo and dash cluster at this point. Now I get nothing.

2. I look at the dash and there is only one indicator "Check Engine". It is rapidly flashing on and off. There is simultaneously a really loud and rapid clicking noise. Almost like when the battery is dead except it is on constantly even when the key is not being turned.

3. When I twist the key off and then take it out the clicking goes away but then I get a loud noise I've never gotten before that sounds like it is coming from my fuel pump. It lasts about 5 seconds and then all is quiet again.

Any ideas?

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