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SRS Dash Warning 1999 S70-GLT

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SRS Dash Warning 1999 S70-GLT

Post by 800artfreed »

Suddenly the SRS dash light appeared on the 1999 S70-GLT. Using a Harbor Freight Zurich 13 scan tool (no longer sold) the data from the SRS scan was driver's airbag signal intermittent. The scanner listed it as fault code # 0079. Searching of the forum I saw the link to Robert DiY Youtube video on replacing the clock-spring connector for the steering wheel airbag. Pulled one from the local PnP. Good news they are now selling airbags again.
Installed the clock-spring connector and reconnected the battery. Tried to reset the SRS code using my scanner but it failed to reset.

I had a spare airbag and swapped that as well hoping that the system would reset. No luck.
With both exchanged parts still in the car I went to a local body shop that I use for repairs and asked if they had a professional level scan tool I could use to try and confirm the code was correct. Many web sites suggest that SRS #0079 is a seat belt pre-tensioner fault. His Snap-On scanner only went back to year 2000. My car was a 1999. I used the scanner anyway and it synced to the SRS system and detected the SRS fault, confirming the same fault code # 0079.
I then used the Snap-On scanner to reset the code. Hurray! It reset. The dash light has remained off. So it was probably the clock spring connector and not the airbag but I don't have a definitive outcome. This vehicle as less than 90K miles. I have 2 other 1998 x70s with plus 200K miles. I find it amazing that this is the car that developed this fault.
1998 S70-T5 200K+
1998 V70-T5 200k+
1999 S70-GLT 80k+

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