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Engine coolant low message

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Engine coolant low message

Post by OGstellar »

Now, before you judge me for posting yet another thread regarding low coolant levels, hear me out. 2015 s60 p3 chassis 5 cyl awd. 2 weeks ago I replaced the oil filter/pcv housing. While taking out the air box, the nipple/port of the engine coolant check valve (yes its a thing) (part number 31325609) snapped off at the connection point of the coolant bleeder hose (part number 31368663). Obviously, upon doing so, coolant began dripping, and sometimes gushing, out of the broken check valve.

I have since replaced both the bleeder hose and the check valve, but this morning I went to start it and got the dreaded "engine coolant level low" message. The coolant level was just below the minimum line. If there is a leak somewhere, it is not easily spotted. I'm also having issues with my abs and traction control. Car was put into limp mode last night until i shut off the engine and restarted it. I think this is a separate issue but I figured I'd give as much info as possible. Is there a chance that there is air in the system? An internal leak? I will also say that, as of now, the ratio of water to coolant is like 80 water 20 antifreeze.. could this be part of the issue? TIA :mrgreen:
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Post by BlackBart »

The fact that's it's coolant and you just touched that system makes me think it's related to the install or a loose clamp or bad hose or something there. Can you get it warm and park it in a clean place and watch for a drip? Pop the hood while it's hot and look with a good flashlight for fizzing or leaking or steam.

I'd say the other stuff is unrelated and coincidental, but those are above my pay grade.
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