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850 Volvo - Engine Destroyed by Sludge??? HELP

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Is the dealer responsible for sludge when you've done everything they ask, by the book?

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850 Volvo - Engine Destroyed by Sludge??? HELP

Post by OneWire » Sat Dec 17, 2005 10:15 pm

Hello All,

My name is Theo and I own a Volvo 850. I signed up to get some support going forward as a happy Volvo owner (or not).

I recently had my dealership tell me that my engine was blown! They said that they found a lot of sludge when they dropped the oil pan. They also noted that the believed that the PCV valve was clogged and cuased excessive blowby.

This same shop is where I get all my service done. In fact I just brought the car in for service earlier the same week. They did and oil change, charged me $115.00 and said have a nice day. Cylinder #2 broken rod.

I think that these guys are at fault but they want $8000.00 from me for another engine???

Happy Friday :) ,

Theo :(
.Begin with the End in Mind

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Post by White850Turbo » Sun Dec 18, 2005 6:42 am

$115 for an oil change?!?! and $8k for a new engine?!?! First off, is this a turbo or non-turbo model? How many miles? Did you verify the oil level after they changed it? There are two reasons these cars will bend/break/throw rods and/or spin bearings.

1. Low oil pressure (i.e. not enough oil in the sump or completely disintegrated o-rings ruining the efficiency of the system, which is not likely.) What likely happened is that you were taking a turn and whatever oil was left in the pan was forced over to one side and there was nothing to be sucked up by the line. This most likely spun a bearing and killed the rod.

2. Throwing on a giant turbo and not getting mapped for it. I'll assume this isn't the case here.

$8k for an engine is crazy. I think you should find another place to start taking the car. I know TONS of people in Seattle that can get you the hookup on parts and tell you a good place to take the car. Just let us know and I'll have them get in touch with you.

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