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98 S70 GLT Trouble Shooting SAS P0410

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98 S70 GLT Trouble Shooting SAS P0410

Post by ncaapicks »

I've got an upcoming date with the emissions folks in the Commonwealth of Virginia and have spent the last couple of weeks preparing for it. I've been battling evap codes for the last two testing cycles, so I've replaced the majority of my vacuum lines, crumbling elbows, and a perforated J-hose.

I 've experienced stalling and poor idling and traced it a torn bottom cap on my intercooler. Replacing the intercooler restored my idle, improved the performance of my turbo, and did away with the P0171 code I was getting.

I've got everything put back together, had zero codes, and was ready to go through the drive cycle exercises to set readiness monitors. Unfortunately, I'm showing a pending P0410.

My air pump has made noise previously, but it has always run on cold start and shut off after the minute or so. I'm thinking it unusual that it stops working after having pretty much everything forward of my engine taken apart. I've taken a cursory look and will recheck that everything has been connected where it should be. I guess I'll pull the pump and inspect.

I've got a number of links bookmarked and will progress from there. It appears that I'm going to have to add to my tool inventory to get at the bolts connecting the SAS valve. My 10mm socket doesn't look like it will work.

Will an open end or box wrench work? crows foot?

Can anyone identify the relay for my air pump? 98's relays are in the fuse box close to the firewall.


Power connector to my pump. I'm having some difficulty removing it. A little assist with a screwdriver?
I would be most grateful for some assistance/ hand holding here.

Item 2:
I was missing a hose after completing replacement of my turbo lines and found this at the bottom of my engine compartment.
It's the plastic line that runs from the PCV oil trap to the nipple on the PTC. I'm afraid I broke it when removing the air intake tube to the turbo. I Macgyver'd it with a piece of 1/2" tubing and a couple of clamps and reconnected everything. PCV service was done perhaps 25k miles ago and I have no issues with smoking dipsticks and glove tests. I need to get my emissions passed and tags renewed ASAP.

Will this fix give me any problems until the next service?

Ozark Lee
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Re: 98 S70 GLT Trouble Shooting SAS P0410

Post by Ozark Lee »

As far as the SAS pump goes I would just delete it and soldier on. A radio shack diode and a couple of gobs of solder eliminate the problem forever. Search "SAS delete" in the repair database.

As far as the line to the oil trap goes, so long as you have a clean system and there is in fact a hose that connects the remainder of the pipe to the oil trap then you should be fine.

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Posts: 8
Joined: Sat May 10, 2014 9:44 am
Year and Model: S70GLT 1998
Location: Arlington

Re: 98 S70 GLT Trouble Shooting SAS P0410

Post by ncaapicks »

Lee, thanks for the reply. I will have to consider the delete. My immediate objective is trying to figure out why the pump is not operating since putting everything back together. I'll check my connections under the shroud and want to check the relay.

Damn, I think I've got my relay issues resolved. Just found out I was looking in the wrong box.
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Re: 98 S70 GLT Trouble Shooting SAS P0410

Post by rmmagow »

I replaced my sas pump with a very cheap one found on ebay. The replacement went well and the 710 went away. If I remember correctly, the part was in the 35 dollar range for a new pump. If you've found the relay and want to test it using a shorting wire be real careful and wear gloves, the wire will get super hot, super fast. Use a good heavy piece of wire.
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