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Volvo Tool; What is this?

How to buy, install and use VIDA, VADIS, DiCE, VMWare and all the questions and answers that come with these tools.
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Volvo Tool; What is this?

Post by stonemanofwaxhaw »

I have some Volvo specialty tools that I need help identifying. Anyone know what this tool is for and what is is worth? Thx
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Post by abscate »

Looks like some kind of bushing compressor for suspension work?
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Post by jimmy57 »

It is a diff housing spreader. The old solid axles have two holes on the back of the housing, one to either side of diff cover. The pins on that ring fit into the holes. Then you turn the bolt and it allows the bearing preload to relax and the diff carrier can be pulled out of housing when the axle housing is forced open. Ring gear and pinion run loaded bearings.

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Post by TaMeAsAChiall »

The Haynes service manual for the 200 series talks about a "SVO 2394 expansion tool". I'm guessing that is it except the one in the pic has a couple extra 9s in the beginning. Same thing? Are they still available or does anyone know of another tool that can be used to replace it? I ask because I've got a different pair of rack and pinion gears coming my way and I would like to install them myself.

Thanks very much.

Update: After doing some research it looks like what Haynes calls an expansion tool is also called a differential housing spreader. Is that right? The old Volvo one spreads it from the inside while the new ones pull it from the outside?

Also does anyone know what the SVO 2601 tool is? Haynes says it is also needed to rebuild a differential but I'm having trouble finding why in the guide. Thanks for your help and I don't know what the heck Vida, Vidas and DiCE are. :lol:

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Post by BlackBart »

Nope. That is a home-made toilet seat with adjustable opening.
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