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Another successful AW55 "resurrection"

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Another successful AW55 "resurrection"

Post by volvodork »

first off, many thanks to Precopster, Cuhfs, and Nautic for their great collaboration on devising a way to open up the transmission internal filter to cure pump starvation and restore normal transmission operation.
My symptoms: I recently decided to do a trans drain & fill since this X/C 70 had not been maintained very well and I knew it needed to be done. Got the Idemitsu Type IV fluid from FCP along with an updated B4 servo kit (while I was in there—what the heck). Soon after trans developed a whine which I thought was my power steering pump. Then, I got the dreaded “incorrect gear ratio” and TCC codes and trans started not shift properly and would only go about 40mph at high RPMs. Barely limped it home and started my research. Found the link to poke holes in the filter and decided to go ahead (especially since Precopster has been driving his car for a couple years after this “repair”).

WOW!!! JUST WOW!! My trans is now working like NEW and this has CURED some of my issues I had previously as listed below. I believe that this fix has solved these issues because of the increased line pressure as a result of opening up the “clog” in the system at the internal filter.

Issue 1: I had a delayed/harsh engagement of Drive from Neutral when warm—-GONE!
Issue 2: I had delayed/harsh downshift when accelerating around corners which I slowed down for—-GONE!
Issue 3: I never had crisp or smooth shifts but they were not horrible (why I added the updated servo)—-GONE!

Couple of notes if you are considering this procedure, I used a 10mmx1.5 bolt which was plenty big enough to use a small Phillips screw driver to get most of the filter opened up but I did also use a flexible metal wire to make sure I got other areas of the filter opened up as well.

The case is VERY THIN in this area and if I did it again, I would have used a 1.0 pitch bolt in order to get more threads tapped for increased “hold” as mentioned in the original fix post. You DON’T want to try and torque this bolt too much or you WILL strip out the hole due to the thin aluminum (about 2mm) in the case. I used a small-head bolt with washer and a nitrile O-ring to seal it up I will see how the long-term leak prevention turns out.

Overall, this was an excellent repair and again, THANKS to those who brainstormed this fix and I can now enjoy my X/C new lease on life!! :D

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Post by abscate »

You guys have some real cajones to drill holes in your transmissions - well done!!!
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Link to Maintenance record thread

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Post by marcus »

I can not imagine what did you do. Can you please show where I can find more details about this repair?
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Post by volvodork »


If that link doesn’t work just search for “AW55 woes” and it comes up. It’s a very long discussion but will give you all the information you need to decide if this is appropriate for you.

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