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Anti Skid Service Required - Volvo V50, 1.6 diesel 2005y

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Anti Skid Service Required - Volvo V50, 1.6 diesel 2005y

Post by Squishy92 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:01 am

I have a Volvo v50, 1.6diesel, 2005year.
Problem is following - when Im driving 80-90km/h and push gas pedal to the floor get out error - ANTI SKID SERVICE REQUIRED.
If I want to remove error I need to turn off the engine and turn on. Error is gone till the next time.
If im driving in the city I can drive several months and no error is showing. Also if I take speed up slowly I can drive 80-100km/h and up. Error shows only when I press gas pedal in the floor.
Also I have a problem - when the car is standing and engine is on if I press gas pedal there is a sound like air pull in somewhere.
Diagnostic shows error ECM-1517 (turbo boost). Maybe there is connection between both problems?
Have ideas?
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