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98 s70 clutch pin

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98 s70 clutch pin

Post by RobTheModd »

So I have a bit of a dilemma.

I've been using a "rigged" clutch pedal for a few years since doing the manual swap on my 98 T5A (now T5M).

Want to order the correct pedal with the spring peg/pin actually on it so I can drive it correctly.

From what ive been told and seen, Part number 9173742 is what I want.
Well 9173742 is "discontinued".
From what I found searching online retailers, including volvopartswebstore, the part I should use is 9191520 which is in stock all over.

From what I can tell though, the 9173742 pedal fits 93-97.
And the 9191520 says it fits an engine break 98-04. (S70 CH 460000-)
I'm guessing here that the (S70 CH 460000-) is for internal slaves so it wont actually fit, but the picture looks correct that shows on their site.

Obviously before I order the newer number, I want to make sure it fits so I don't find out while im down there that is does not.

Any input or help would be appreciated.
Reason for buying from dealer - I have a gift card that expires at end of month/year and its December lol.

Spark notes:

9173742 (common 850 pedal used for 98 s70 manual swaps since 99+ wont work)
9191520 (apparently fits 98? but im worried it might be a 99 pedal since it also fits through 04 which means it likely wont work)
Car is a 98 s70 with M56H, external slave.

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