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2010 V70 3.2 NA Sounds like a diesel

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Year and Model: 2010 V70
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2010 V70 3.2 NA Sounds like a diesel

Post by avmedco » Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:16 am

Trying to diagnose engine noise, gas motor sounds like a diesel. 80k miles non-turbo 3.2 inline 6, runs well no error codes.
Car was not well maintained previously with long oil change intervals and had been running with clogged oil trap for a while. Sound is present from idle, hot or cold and varies with engine speed.

Seems to be emanating from top driver side in area of timing chain cover. I put a long screw driver to my ear at alternator, sounds normal. Did same with READ unit area. Noise is present but not as clear or loud as timing cover. Also it seems to be concentrated more towards the front of the two cam timing chain sprockets about where the vacuum pump mounts. I was guessing its timing chain tensioner and possibly guides.
Having read about the READ unit and not being familiar with this car I paid local dealer to diagnose. They said it was the vacuum pump and wanted $800. Did pump myself with new gaskets in ~2 hours. Noise is same.

I’ll it take back to dealer and demand the proper diagnosis I paid for (may be a battle) but hoping to have more info to leverage.

Anyone have experience changing timing chain, guides and tensioner? Costs?

Could the sound be conducted up through the chain drive from a bad READ and be louder out of the thinner metal of timing cover?

Thanks in advance for help/comments.

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Re: 2010 V70 3.2 NA Sounds like a diesel

Post by kcodyjr » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:27 pm

I don't know the first thing about the 3.2 engines, but one time my old man thought my boss's van had a bad water pump, until he found out it was a diesel. Any seeping around the WP?
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