MVS Philosophy


My Approach to Information Organization, Openness and Forum Moderation

My moderators and I have developed an unspoken philosophy as the site has grown.

  1. Volvo car owners like you will find quality Volvo fixes and advice for free at MVS — everything this site offers is free, and none of it hidden behind a “paywall”.
  2. The information you find here is written by the thousands of users who have made posts on the Volvo Forums. Some have submitted repairs to me that I have published. The MVS moderators especially are responsible for untold hours spent helping people they’ll never meet. You should thank them.
  3. The power of the Internet makes the flow of information extremely accessible and cheap. I do my best to make the information on MVS easy to find, and easy to add to via the forum. Read my thoughts on how information is organized here.
  4. I don’t get any free services or parts from sponsors. I have straightforward advertising contracts with them. If I recommend a sponsor, that’s because they’re good. If my sponsors were not honest businessmen, they wouldn’t be MVS sponsors.
  5. I don’t ask my moderators to favor sponsors in their recommendations. They’re free to recommend any business or service.
  6. I don’t ask my moderators to favor even this website in the help they deliver to you. They are free to link to, and any other “competitor” sites in order to get the right information to users.
  7. We keep the forum free of clutter and negative attitudes. We ask for, and receive from our forum users, polite, on-topic Volvo-related questions and answers. Bickering between users is not tolerated, and when we see it we edit or delete it, and warn the users. We deliver a high signal-to-noise ratio of Volvo fixes and advice.
  8. We’re always evolving and I look to your advice to make this site better. Please leave your suggestions in the General Discussion forum, or contact Matthew directly.