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All Matthews Volvo Site Repairs (Curated)

  • Replace Upper Engine Mount w/ Polyurethane Bushing

    Replace your upper engine mount bushings with polyurethane The 850’s upper mount is designed to hold the engine in place. Without it, the engine would thrash back and…

  • How to Replace the Serpentine Belt on Your Volvo 850 (a ...

    There is only one belt besides the timing belt in 850, S70, V70, C70 and XC70 models up to/including model year 2000, and it’s called the serpentine belt,…

  • Brake Shims Fix 850, S70, V70, XC70 Squealing & Noise

    After a web search on rear brake squeal I learned that there are Anti-squeal brake shims that Volvo came out with on a TSB. Also, a plethora of opinions on OEM vs. aftermarket brake parts and grease (I won’t go there). I couldn’t find anything other than a picture of the improved shim. Here are the steps for replacing the shims – very similar to a rear brake job.

  • Replace Trunk Struts Tutorial

    I’m interested in the same issue but with my 1997 850 wagon. The cold has sapped the little bit of staying power my lifts had left. Is it worth replacing them? My local Volvo repair shop quoted “around $300”. Is that reasonable? Ideas?

  • All About Volvo 850 S70 And V70 Transmission

    Transmission is the key weak point of the car. Lots of people have various problems with it ranging from minor to significant. But it really mostly come from…

  • Volvo 850 S70 And V70 Performance Chip Info

    Performance Chip Overview This information has been gathered in my quest to increase the horsepower of my 1994 Volvo 850, S70, V70 turbo wagon. I am not affiliated,…

  • Performance Exhausts: All You Wanted To Know

    Performance Exhausts for Volvos: Theory and Practice If you care about getting good performance, mandrel bending is important. Mandrel bending is bending the pipe such that the cross…

  • Transmission and Engine Dipstick Location on the Volvo ...

    Transmission and engine oil Dipstick Location, Volvo 5-cylinder engines.

  • Volvo Owner’s Manuals Now in App Form!

    Volvo Owner’s Manuals Now in App Form! Volvo has created a handy Volvo Manual mobile app to allow owners to view their car’s user manuals on the go.…

  • How to Fix Your Volvo’s Headlight Wiper Motors

    If your Volvo headlight wiper seems to have a mind of it’s own or just doesn’t care to work, take a look at the headlight wiper motor, as electrical connections can…

  • How To Change Your Fuel Filter: Guide, Tips, and Tricks

    Knowing how to change your vehicle’s fuel filter is an invaluable skill to have however not having the proper instruction could damage your car.

  • Finding Volvo Parts at the Salvage Yard

    Anyone compiled a list of Scrapyards or Dismantlers that specialize in Volvos? I would be interested in having it. If not maybe you could list your local yard that has a lot of volvo parts.

  • Learned the Hard Way: 1999+ Volvos Require Special Tran ...

    MVS Volvo Forums member sarawi kicks off a great discussion in regards to the transmission fluid on his 1999 S-70AWD. 1999+ Volvo Transmission Fluid Caveat.

  • Having Trouble With Your Volvo’s Turbo?

    Everyone seems to agree that a properly maintained turbo should outlast the rest of the car but what do you do about a change in performance?

  • Volvos Expensive To Maintain? Pros & Cons

    Historically, Volvo has ranked well in “total cost of ownership” surveys for popular models. Several models, like the XC60 (premium compact SUV), lead the segment in cost of…

  • Comparison Review: Volvo S70 vs. 850

    Comparison Review: Volvo S70 vs. 850 [no comments]

  • Replace the evaporator in an 850

    Want to replace the evaporator in an 850? Here’s a downloadable PDF with a step-by-step tutorial and photos by MVS member Chuck: Here’s the documented results of the…

  • Replace Upper Engine Mount with OEM Bushing

    Upper Engine Mount w/OEM Bushing The 850’s upper engine mount is designed to hold the engine in place. Without it, the engine would thrash back and forth in…

  • Replace Timing Belt Tensioner?

    Replacing the timing belt tensioner on your Volvo can alleviate many fears and concerns, especially if you’re gearing up for an adventure or trip. If you just purchased…

  • Broken / Worn Spring Seats – Photos & Description

    Volvo owners often complain about knocks, squeaks, rattles and clunks. Common failures that can create these noises are worn spring seats or worn out upper rear shock mounts.…

  • Fix Cracked ABS Module and Save Money

    Having a problem with Abs module and Traction control is not a rarity on a Volvo. It is a common and expensive problem caused mostly by the Abs…

  • Speaker Wiring Diagram

    There are many resources available online to help aid you in your Volvo speaker wiring needs.Whether your an expert Volvo mobile electronics installer, Volvo fanatic, or a novice…

  • How to Test Oxygen Sensors

    MVS Forums member bluenote 27 feels like his Volvo 240 isn’t getting its maximum km per L of gas and he has a hunch that it might be related…

  • Hardwire Your iPod to Your Volvo

    Aside from listening to the sound of your Volvo engine, equally as appealing is the sound of your preferred music. We all enjoy music while we drive and…

  • How to Diagnose Stalling Problems

    MVS forum member NateR documents a recent experience he had while commuting. He talks about his 89 Volvo 740 Turbo having issues with sudden drops in rpm. The…

  • Rear Wiper Maintenance

    The rear wiper blades sweep water away from the windscreen and rear window. Together with the washer fluid they clean the windows and ensure visibility for driving. The…

  • Classic PNP Switch Shifting Fix

    MVS forum member JM has a potential PNP switch shifting issue with his 1995 Volvo 850. It won’t shift out of first gear when the car is cold.…

  • How To Check For Leaking Fuel Injector

    It’s possible that one of the fuel injectors is leaking. Normally, pressure is maintained in the fuel system after engine shutdown. Because of this pressure, a leaking injector…

  • Bevel Gear Maintenance on 1997-2002 Volvo AWD Cars

    997-2002-Volvo-bevel-gear.jpgnah/ Here’s a downloadable PDF from on how to change bevel (angle) gear fluid on 1997-2002 model Volvo AWD cars. For 2003+, you have a Haldex system,…

  • Official AC Thread

    This page’s purpose is to build up a nice collection of full of helpful AC-related questions and answers here, drawn primarily from threads from my Volvo Forum. The goal is to take scattered knowledge, tips, hints, experiences and fixes and put them in one place.

  • Fuel Tank Recall Notice

    Recieved the notice in the mail of a fuel tank recall/inspection for my 850.

  • How To Access Side Marker Lights

    Push the lamp unit forward, then pry it out of the fender using either your fingers, or a small piece of plastic or wood (to avoid scratching the paint). I used a small flat blade screwdriver to gently pry it out from the right side (closest to the wheel)…

  • How to Check Codes on ’93-’95

    How to get your codes that the car’s computer sets, and that trigger Check Engine light and sometimes other lights as well.

  • Fix Rattling Tailgate

    I have removed the clips (they kept popping off anyway) and replaced them all with heavy duty velcro stik on pads…

  • Press Exit to Cancel Radio Fix

    They now have a software patch that actually works.

  • Window Switch Replacement How To

    So you decide to roll up the window, but now the glass does not want to go up anymore. No amount of frantic pulling on the button will help. The window will not budge…

  • Repair Overdrive on a 740

    How to get the solenoid to stick in the on position and not have the problem of not shifting into forth gear any longer.

  • Dead Sunroof Help

    First I would remove the 3 screws to drop the motor,then give it a try to see if it moves, with the motor removed you should also be able to move the roof by hand, not easily but it should move, these cars are known for also busting tracks…

  • Remote Keyfob Programming Help

    Turns out the Tailgate Lock on a wagon seems to be the center of attention when you arm your locks etc…

  • How To ID The Fuel Pump Relay

    The fuel pump relay is red and numbered 103. The Volvo part number for the relay is 9434225…

  • Water Drops in Oil? Not Always Bad

    The presence of water in your oil and on your dipstick does not automatically mean “blown head gasket.”

  • Throttle Body Volvo Cleaning Prices and How-To

    Given the price volvo quotes for TB cleanings its not a bad idea to learn how to do this yourself. It would be painful to pay $440 for a cleaning then $1200 to have it replaced the following month…

  • Notes on Changing the Timing Belt

    The only thing that’s a real PITA is getting the timing belt off of the crankshaft pulley and getting the new one back on, as there’s a tight squeeze.

  • Reset Volvo S60 Time for Regular Service message

    The timing is the answer. I was trying the other methods but doing it too slowly, check this out…

  • Breakdown of the volvo DTC in OBDII

    This is an insightful page describing the anatomy of the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) in OBDII systems. Only in car models from 1996 and on.

  • S70 V70 Tune Up Items

    Consider doing the fuel filter, plugs, air filter, cabin filter and having the Throttle Body cleaned by someone familiar with the Volvo TB issues. The 99 Timing belt isn’t due until 105K I think.

  • Identify AC High Side vs. Low Side

    The low side of the system where the freon goes is allways the fatest of the two hoses comming off of the compressor…

  • How to replace Volvo lower motor mount

    Raise the front and remove the rt. ft. wheel. Use a jack stand since at one point you will be getting under the car…

  • How to Remove Volvo Radio

    This is from the procedure to install an in-dash mug holder which requires removal of the radio. One step is VERY tricky…

  • Volvo Car Maintenance Schedules

    Here you will be able to discover a unique source of information designed exclusively for Volvo owners, covering vehicle information from 1965 through 2006…

  • How To Hardwire An iPod To an S40/V40

    I have actually wired my iPod into my S40’s stereo. It wasn’t easy to figure out what I needed to do it, but the install itself was pretty easy once I had the parts…

  • How to Fix Volvo Clogged PCV

    The only parts you have to buy is the oil trap, there are two versions. The one you need depends on your engine serial # and FCP will ask for that…

  • Volvo MAF Sensor Problem Solved

    bloody awesome .save lots of bucks and this really does work

  • High boost cutoff switch

    if you continue to run your engine with higher than designed turbo boost, be prepared to replace either the engine, transmission, other parts of the drive train or all of the above within a couple years…

  • Volvo Catalytic Converter Replacement

    … in most cases you’re better off using OEM emissions parts rather than aftermarket.

  • Remove S70 Radio Climate Control Face

    How To Remove Radio/Climate Control Center Console

  • Where to get Volvo Turbo Rebuilt

    Have your current turbo rebuilt professionally. It shouldn’t cost much more than $300. Shop and Compare…

  • Hardwire Your iPod to Your Volvo

    Hardwire Your iPod to Your Volvo This Volvo Forum post covers the early years of getting iPods and iPhones to transmit sound to your Volvo stereo. Tape cassette…

  • Volvo Stalling Problems and Fuel Pumps

    Well, my Volvo did it again today. At 7:00 AM and 65 F temperature, it started and drove fine as I got my morning coffee. Six hours later, after sitting in the hot California sun on this 90 F day, it failed to start in my driveway…

  • Fixing Volvo Wheel Noise

    I just wanted to post that it seems I have fixed the strange moaning/whirring noise I would get out of the right rear wheel when making a left hand turn. After replacing the wheel bearing and finding this had nothing to do with it, I tried cleaning all of the brake components in that wheel…

  • Volvo Radio Wiring Diagram

    All the connectors listed. Radio model not known.

  • Volvo Diagnostic Code Lookup

    You can now get the definitions of Global OBD II (P0) and Enhanced OBD II (P1) Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) online. Simply use the menus below to select your vehicle and request the definition of your OBD II DTC…

  • How to Remove/Clean Volvo SC-810 Radio

    Changing the volume created a nasty crackling sound and even drop outs in the right channel. So I pulled out the radio (push in the 2 vertical “bars” on the lower left and right of the faceplate, handles will pop out, then just pull)…

  • Glove Box Fix #2 – A Hacksaw Method

    My glovebox latch broke on my 93 850GLT. The door handle would not unlock the box. I did the hacksaw trick. I used two large thin metal puddy knoves on either side of the hacksaw to protect the vinyl…

  • Volvo Glove Box Fix #1 – The Small Hole Method

    If you’re willing to put a small hole in the glove box instead of cutting the loop, this is how to do it…

  • Great B5254F Information (PDF)

    This is a 1MB PDF download filled with info on the Volvo B5254F engine.

  • How to Remove Volvo 850 Fuel Pump

    First, drain fuel from the system…

  • Disable Daytime Running Volvo Lights

    This is for those people who do not have a small screw on their headlight switch (Canadian models?) that can simply be turned to turn the DRL off…

  • Where to Send Your Volvo ABS Module

    Victor Rocha’s website. He fixes ABS modules for hundreds less than a new one at the dealer.

  • Volvo Glovebox Fix #2, for real

    The door handle would not unlock the box. I did the hacksaw trick. I used two large thin metal puddy knoves on either side of the hacksaw to protect the vinyl…

  • Volvo Recirculation Vent Motor

    The problem is that a snail gear is pulled of the motor and it doesn’t engage the gears properly. If you want to save some money you can fix this by yourself. You will have to dril 2 small holes in the dash behind the glove box…

  • Replacing Volvo Headlight Wiper Blades

    On the car, the wiper arms have two grooves. The wiper blades are simply clipped to the arms between these two grooves. You can remove your old wiper blades from the wiper arms with a firm pull and a tug…

  • Volvo Thermostat Change Tips n Tricks

    First of all, Volvo dealerships no longer sell the cooler 87C/190F thermostat. Every thermostat sold is now a 90C/195F. Volvo thermostats have Wahler, Made in Germany stamped on them. Purchase one from FCP Groton. Insist on Wahler, 87C/190F…

  • Volvo Front Driveshaft Remove + Replace

    1. Prop up the car with 2 jack stands on each side
    2. Remove the wheel and the bolt that hold the axle in from the outside of the wheel (on the cv side)…

  • Change S80 Transmission Fluid?

    I have a 2000 S80 T6 with 126K on it and I’m sure the fluid has never been changed. The color of the fluid is a light brown, about the color of new motor oil. Is this the color it is suppose to be and should I worry about changing it?

  • How to Change Volvo Oil in 2001+

    First, you’ll need 6 quarts of oil, a catch pan, an oil filter, a filter wrench, a rachet and socket set (hopefully you already have this), as well as a aluminum washer for the oil drain plug and last of all…

  • Diagnose/Fix Volvo Suspension Sounds

    We own a 1999 S70. Recently there has been a knocking when going over rough road at low speeds. It sounds like the knocking comes from the front right side of the car…

  • How To Buy A Volvo 240 Turbo

    $1,000 for a 240 Turbo sounds good as long as it is in good condition, maybe not perfect but solid, straight, and sound. Volvo did not have a DL Turbo, the car will either be a DL which is their lower level model…

  • Diagnosing Volvo Noise

    Only takes one time to permanently warp a wheel hub and consequently replacing or turning brake discs will NOT solve the problem. Most of the times, special grease, only solves squeaking /squealing noises…

  • How To Fix An 850’s volvo Horn

    The contacts normally sit just below a piece of metal on the back side of the airbag, so when you push on the horn it touches at least one of those contacts and blasts the horn…

  • How To Fix Volvo Rear Shock Clunking

    They recommended a couple of washers under the nut. Sure enough, two 3/8″ washers under each nut did the job…

  • Find a Certified Pre-Owned Volvo

    This Volvo website page (North American Volvo site) finds certified Volvos in your area on Volvo dealer lots. It didn’t return that many cars for me, and the ones it did display were somewhat overpriced in my opinion.

  • New Volvo Headlights – A Good Brand

    To anyone who, like me, is complaining about their headlights seeming dim, I finally got around to replacing mine today…

  • Reading Volvo OBDII Codes: 1997 and Newer

    Your Volvo stores information on how the car is running. If there’s a fault(s), that fault will be stored as a code in the computer’s memory…

  • The Dreaded Flashing Arrow: PNP Switch

    I just had the PNP switch replaced yesterday for exact same problem by a local mechanic for about $225…

  • Headlight Washer Valve Fix

    I ended up replacing the T valve that splits the washer liquid stream to the headlight wiper arms’ squirt heads…

  • Volvo Oxygen Sensor Part #

    I found a generic 4 wire sensor from Bosch at Auto Zone. Bosch #15717. Spliced it in, reset the check engine light and it fixed the problem…

  • What To Replace – volvo Shocks

    Strut mount/bearing plate, rear shock mount, bolts, nuts…

  • Volvo Transmission Fluid Flush Tips

    Piece of cake to flush yourself. Remove exit hose from tranny to radiator at the radiator attachment point…

  • Before O2 Replace, Check Volvo Elbows

    Thanks to the anonymous denizen of bay 13, there’s a new scheduled maintenance item for our T5’s. There is a vacuum hose at the top front of the engine that sneaks under the fuel rail…

  • Increase Performance: Horn Relocation

    Simply remove the single bolt that holds each horn to the behind-grill aseembly. Take care to hold onto the bolts and nuts. Use a little tape to mark driver and passenger side horns…

  • Lowering an 850, S70, V70

    Bilstein shocks will give a firmer ride, and they match very well with IPD/TME springs. in my experience, Volvo Sport (not ornery Turbo) springs are harder than IPD/TME ones…

  • Increase Volvo Performance: Chips

    IPD’s upgrade gives you 0.9bar, only TME (IPD’s parent source for the upgraded ECUs) give you 1.0bar. and I’m afraid the licensing agrt between the 2 may bar you from ordering a ECU upgrade direct from TME, Sweden for North American residents…

  • Volvo Coolant Flush How-To

    I also flushed the cooling system with newe Prestone. Pretty easy: 1.13 mm wrench for the engine drain plug (located just above the driveshaft, on the right and rear side of the engine)…

  • Replace Right Front Volvo Motor Mount

    I recently started noticing a vibration through the steering wheel at idle, and just off idle. As I suspected, the right front (under the crank pulley, inboard of the pass. side wheel) motor mount had failed…

  • Volvo 850 Center Console Switch Fix

    I just changed out my center console switches (my 2 rear window switches didn’t work for rolling the window back up). Here’s the easy way to do the work…

  • How To Fix a Volvo Stuck Horn

    For anyone who has had their horn NOT shut off!! I have a 1994 850 and the wife one day pumped her horn, but it wouldn’t shut off…

  • Working on your Volvo?

    How much do you enjoy working on your volvo? If you enjoy working on your Volvo as much as I do, that’s great! I really enjoy working on…

  • Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70 And XC70 Car Tips

    Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70 And XC70 Car Tips This page is a record of owners’ Volvo problems, car tips, questions and fixes. The items vary from routine…

  • How To Contact Volvo Cars N. America

    At Volvo, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers… blah blah blah

  • How To Buy A Volvo ECU

    If by chance you do need a new ECU, then do a search on eBay for them. Just search for Volvo ECU and 850 and check the “titles and descriptions.”

  • How To Change a Volvo Starter

    Disconnect the battery and wires going to the starter. If air charge tube is in the way you can remove it…

  • Sludge = New Volvo Engine

    If you get engine-clogging sludge, this Volvo tech recommends a new engine.

  • Volvo PO172 Explaination and Fix

    You have a system too rich code lower limit. A vacuum leak will cause a(upper limit) lean condition…

  • The Final Word on Volvo Remote Programming

    All the other 99 and newer take software and can only be downloaded once so dont buy used remotes for these models…

  • Diagnose Defective Volvo Fan Relay

    Your radiator fan relay is a two stage (speed) relay. It constantly has a 12v feed. As soon the ECU provides low or high speed ground signal to it, it will energize the fan accordingly…

  • How To Diagnose Volvo Heater Problems

    Start up the car from a cold start and feel the heater hoses as it warms up. They should start out cold and warm up at the same rate as the water in the engine block…

  • How to Read Actual Miles from the ECU

    As long as you have the DTC boxes up under the hood (’93-’95). 1. Switch ignition on. 2. Connect the fly wire to socket – A7…

  • Volvo Oil Sump O-Ring Replacement

    I have a 93 850 so its a non-turbo and has an oil level sensor in the front of the pan so many people will skip the oil sensor step and add steps to disconnect the oil cooler lines…

  • Volvo Transmission Fluid 2000+ Requirement

    For proper operation, they require a special type of fluid with proprietary friction modifiers, which can only be found in Mobil type 3309 fluid or the Volvo fluid made for the car, which will run you $18/quart. Normal Dexron III / Mercon fluid will lead to transmission failure.

  • Troubleshoot Auto Volvo Climate Control

    Your ECC (Electronic Climate Control) stores diagnostic trouble codes and displays them by the flashing lights that you noticed. To find out what the codes are do this…

  • 850-70 Moonroof

    My 1998 S70’s moonroof doesn’t close tightly unless I step out and give it a punch. I’ve cleaned the track area but there really wasn’t anything there. Any ideas?

  • Volvo 850 Vacuum Hose Diagram

    This is for a ’98 T-5. Others will vary but the same or similar to most 850 turbo’s. The designed changed with later S/V/70’s so be aware. I got so darned frustrated trying to see this intsy bittsy diagram under the hood of the car, so I finally took a decent digital picture today.

  • Nivomat Shocks Explained

    While doing research on the subject I found this french forum with a great presentation of the subject. Of course, it’s in french… but I thought the pictures might be of interest…

  • Brake Pad and Rotor Job Checklist & Tutorial

    remove tire
    remove the spring clip on the caliper
    remove the caliper (7MM hex socket required; remove the caps & the 7MM hex bolts that hold the caliper) …

  • Replace Headlight on a 2003 Volvo

    There is a round screw on lid at the back of the headlight. Make sure you get the right one unscrewed and off. The passenger side seems very very cramped and difficult to get off. I replaced the driver’s side a few months ago.

  • Volvo Aluminum Crush Washer

    1. Diameter is exact size of a quarter (U.S. 25cents).
    2. Hole in the middle is exact diameter size of a dime (U.S. 10cents).

  • Volvo C70 Seat Switch Fix

    On the C70 the micro switch (3/168) bracket brakes. If the micro switch is not close, the seat will not move. The Volvo dealer has a up-date for the seat.

  • Volvo Radio Light Bulb Replacement 816

    I just happened to buy an extra bulb when I picked up a replacement one for a clock light on a 2002 Honda Accord at the Honda dealership the other day. When one of my Volvo’s radio lights went out yesterday, it made me wonder…

  • Discussion on Volvo 850, 70 Roof Racks

    We’ve looked at the Volvo, Yakima and Thule products. It looks like all of the towers attach with clips to the top of the doors…

  • How New Volvo Brake Pads + Rotors Can Improve

    It’s funny, most people when modding their cars, never think about upgrading the brakes. It’s usually bigger alloys, dump valves, induction kits, exhausts, sound system. But modding brakes is something that is usually on most folks “to do list”…

  • New volvo Horn Relocation Position

    I read the article about horn relocation, but I couldn’t really figure it out – so I did it my own way. I know it won’t increase performance, but imo there is no reason to put the horns before the cooler where they block airflow.

  • Keep Your Volvo Bumper Looking New

    If you want to do it RIGHT and a job that it will last, re paint them with bumper paint.Comes in spray cans and it the correct color gray/black.

  • Lets Talk about Volvo Shocks

    I bought the touring class Bilsteins and I don’t care for them. I’m getting ready to replace the rears after 2 years because they’re noisy. I would go with Koni if I had it to do over.

  • Volvo Glove Box Repair – The Saw Method

    The hardest part of the job is sawing through the catch hoop or, as Volvo calls it, the brace…

  • General Helpful Repair Tips

    I would like to offer tips to poor newbies like myself who may be considering tackling some some of their own jobs for whatever reason…

  • General Helpful Repair Tips

    I would like to offer tips to poor newbies like myself who may be considering tackling some some of their own jobs for whatever reason…

  • Volvo Positive Crankcase Pressures Explained

    Oil trap, breather, flame trap (Volvo specific term) and PVC are commonly used terms/ parts that basicaly allow for the engine to vent positive crankcase pressures due to blow by from the pistons…

  • 4cyl = Good. 6cyl = Depends.

    Stay away from the Volvo V6.

  • Front Door Hinge Disaster (photo)

    My door made a loud cracking noise every time I opened it. This went on for several months but never really got any worse. I guessed it was a problem with the spring mech in the stay itself, so I figured I would replace it when it failed altogether…

  • Volvo 960 Timing Belt Change

    It turns out that the front end squeal was indeed coming from the timing belt assembly. It was the idle pulley. The poor thing had seized solid and was spinning no more…

  • Pre-2003 Volvo AWD Buyers Checklist

    Although Volvo doesn’t necesarily recommend it, the angle gear oil can be pumped out and replaced…

  • How To Replace Volvo Tie Rods

    I just got my car back from the shop to have an alignment done. However I was told the alignment would be useless because the tire rod end of both sides of my car have a some play in them.

  • Volvo S60 Regular Maintenance Tips

    You can change the oil every 4 to 5K yourself but it should see a Volvo dealer every 7500 miles, if not at least for the 15K services. These cars really do need retorquing of the suspension and the subframe every so oftn and they will take (software) upgrades…

  • Volvo Fog Light Troubleshooting

    If you are getting a yellow light from the bulb, then I would suspect there is a poor circuit connection somewhere. Take the foglight bulb out and connect it to a reliable 12 volt source (e.g. your car battery)…

  • Replacing a Volvo Air Pump Repair Notes

    The whole job took about an hour, skinned one knuckle, didn’t break anything new and I only used about half the cuss words I know…

  • Volvo Head Gasket – Repair Tips

    I said in an earlier posting that I would let anyone that was interested know how my Cylinder head gasket change had gone.

    I won’t bore you all with the details but I did learn a few things that MAY be relevant to some other recent threads…

  • Volvo Coolant Advice

    Ordinary green ethylene glycol antifreeze, nothing fancy, is good. Zerex G-05 is good. VW’s G12 is good. The last two are long life…

  • Volvo Air Damper Operating?

    The easiest way to find out if the air damper is operating is to press the button and listen. If you hear motor noise for a couple of seconds, then the motor is working but the damper is not operating…

  • Seat Switch Cleaning & Motor Locations

    The motor described by CarVolvo is actually the seat-back recline motor, located inside the seat-back. The motor that you are looking for is #3, which operates seat-cushion height at the rear. This motor is located under the seat…

  • How to Flush Volvo Power Steering Pump

    First jack up the front end. Do this so you won’t have to start the engine. Lifting the front end means you can simply turn the steering wheel and pump out the fluid…

  • New Modified Transmission Flush Method

    On the top of the radiator on the drivers side is the transmission-to-radiator inlet line and port. There is a clip holding the inlet line to the inlet port. This needs to be removed. It is easily done with snap-ring pliers…

  • Volvo Timing Belt Change w/ Related Parts

    MVS member KC95Turbo breaks down his volvo timing belt change. Generally Volvo timing belt problems present themselves with no warning. There is no squeak that lets you know…

  • Find Volvo Model Year From VIN

    The only way to be sure of the actual and legal model year is by the 10th character in the VIN…

  • Volvo NA CARS: Airbox Mod

    In trying to fix an airbox thermostat problem on a non-turbo, a discovery was made that the improved gas mileage as well as a power increase. Read about it, comment and possibly try it yourself? Not sure what the long term effects of this “mod” is but it could prove to be very useful. As always MVS is not responsible for any ill effects from doing this mod to your car.

  • Airbox Thermostat Mod for Non-turbo’s

    In trying to fix an airbox thermostat problem on a non-turbo, a discovery was made that the improved gas mileage as well as a power increase. Read about it, comment and possibly try it yourself? Not sure what the long term effects of this “mod” is but it could prove to be very useful. As always MVS is not responsible for any ill effects from doing this mod to your car.

  • Official Engine Stalling MVS Thread

    There are a lot of 850’s that seem to have this engine cut out problem. I have the same in mine and haven’t found the cause.

  • Volvo Struts and Shocks Poll

    I have been doing the research on the aftermarket brands available and the pricing from various sources. I would like some feedback from people that have swapped out their struts and shocks…

  • 850 seat cushion foam replacement

    The drivers seat in my 850 had broken down to the point where it was very uncomfortable to drive. I investigated having the bottom seat cushion foam replaced at a local upholstery shop and found that the foam cushion itself sells for $250.00 without the heater element and, with labor, the estimate was at least $600. As luck would have it I found a guy parting out a couple of 850s and bought the passenger side foam from him for – I think – $35.00 shipped. Subsequent to that purchase I found that my drivers side seat heater had burned out as well and was pleasantly surprised when the cushion came with a good working heater pad. I got the passengers side since the drivers side foam and the passengers side foam is identical. I figured that the passengers side would have the less wear than the drivers side. This isnt a huge job but it requires some patience.

  • Volvo 850 Sunroof Headliner Repair

    My sunroof shade headliner material had come unglued to the point where it just hung down and hit me in the head if I closed the sunroof shade. Being creative, I shoved the whole mess back into the cover slot and kept the shade open. I think this may be a common problem with many Volvos since I see many of them in this condition.

    This is largely a duplication of a Bay 13 post but I picked up a few more tricks and couple of got-yas.

  • Dash Speaker Magnet Falling Out?

    I was just parking my ’94 850 2.0 20v Estate the other week, when a piece fell off from under the dash. It’s a small round metal disc about half an inch thick and is magnetic. Any Ideas?

  • New PNP Fixes Broken Reverse Lights

    I have an issue with my reverse lights. They’ll either come on a couple of seconds after the gear has engaged, or not at all. Sometimes (with a bit of jiggling and hitting the gear change) I can get it to come on…

  • Fix your own Volvo fuel relay

    If your engine isn’t getting the proper amount of fuel, especially as the temperature dips, it could be your fuel pump relay. The solder joints in the relay itself tends to shrink and crack rending the relay non-funcional. This thread tells you where to find the relay and how to resolder the joints and change the capacitors in the relay. You can avoid buing the expensive Volvo fuel pump relay if you follow the instructions here!

  • Blown Volvo Head Gasket Symptoms

    What I don’t understand about this whole thing is why is the coolant in the expansion tank clean (even at the bottom)? Also, why is the expansion tank full?

  • Coolant Temp Sensor Causes Engine Stall

    It makes sense to me now why my car would stall. Because the temp sensor provides information to the engine via the computer, it would make sense that any wrong info from the sensor would make the engine run differently.

  • Disable Radio Volume Compensation

    Push the ASC buuton and hold until it says “off”.

  • ’93-’95 Transmission Trouble Codes

    These are the A-1 Transmission Trouble Codes (DTC’s) found when utilizing the diagnostic box “A” under the hood on ’93-’95 850’s. The list is up for the first time and comprehensive. I hope it will help our members here.

  • ’88-’96 Engine Diagnostic Codes

    Here is how to find the A-2 Socket Engine Diagnostic codes (DTC’s) found by accessing the diagnostic module under the hood along with the numerous actual codes.

  • Who Makes Volvo Radios?

    Athough not all of them are listed, here is a list of Volvo radios. Included are how many digits it takes to unlock or activate the radio as well as whether or not it has an Eeprom or some other form of storing data, etc.

  • iPOD Volvo Connection

    Experiences of Volvo owners connecting their iPods to their Volvo radios.

  • ’93-’96 850 Trouble Codes

    Here is a write-up on ’93-’96 ABS trouble codes. Like on any “Mode” change with the diagnostic box under the hood, press the button two times for mode two and 4 times for mode 4. I hope that this helps someone. Oh, and always, Victor Rocha who is a member here can rebuild your ABS module if that’s your problem (it is over 90% of the time with faulty ABS functioning).

  • Volvo Shiftlock Release Button Stuck?

    First i tried wd40 and that made it worse. then i sprayed in some white lithium grease. don’t know if that’s the best thing, but the button seems to work nicely now…

  • Volvo Headliner Repair

    damas200 posted a great write-up on how to fix a sagging headliner. Product and how-to with pictures is included!

  • First Generation 70’s Armrest on 850

    Read how you can replace the flimsy arm rest/ cup holders on an early model 850 with a bulkier, nicer one from a first generation 70 series Volvo!

  • The OEM Stereo Change Out to Newer

    Here is a great write-up on how to take the old stereo out and change it with something newer. It includes how the double din space is dealt with….thanks, luketrash….nice pictures! !

  • Volvo Sub-frame mounts replacement

    Sub-frame mounts replacement! Diagrams and the how-to’s are contained here! Thanks Bill!

  • Volvo Ignition Switch- Diagnostic & Fix

    What started out as strange electrical glitches- headlights not coming on, dash lights coming on, etc. is tied to the electrical ignition key switch (tumbler). Find in the thread linked below to diagnostic and the how-to to fix the key tumbler in early 70 series Volvos. A special thanks goes to Rob3 for finding the solution!

  • How to Identify Your Volvo Engine Type

    To verify your engine size, you can look at what’s called the emissions sticker (if it hasn’t fallen off). This is the best method (better than calling the dealer, using a VIN, etc.) for determining which engine you have…

  • Buy an Volvo 850 or 940?

    I can see why the mechanic is partial to the 940/740/240 rear wheel drive versions. I don’t think there is anything, short of suspension components, that is difficult to fix…

  • Oil In Coolant Issue

    After a few weeks of running perfectly (even better than before because it use to hunt at juctions, lights etc, and be very smoky when putting the pedal to the floor) and still runs great apart from the oil is now disappearing from the sump into the coolant expansion bottle. the condition of the oil in the expansion bottle is as new it has not even starting to turn into milkshake.

  • Battery Corrosion Stopping Electricity?

    I suggest that anyone who is having strange battery/electrical issues check this location at the bottom of their main fuse box (the triangular one).

  • Volvo Brake Caliper Dragging? Replace Them?

    I could not afford the calipers so I decided to re-lube the pistons on the calipers and guide-pins using CRC-synthetic brake & caliper grease in the hopes that the guide pins might have been sticking and causing the drag.

  • Where to Run Volvo Stereo Wires

    I would suggest following the present antenna wire which goes from the trunk to the dash. Also, if you have a standard antenna, you should be able to just replace the mast rather than the whole mechanism.

  • Volvo Starter Won’t Disengage

    If you momentarily connect the battery negative lead to the solenoid M terminal and the positive lead to the solenoid terminal 50, with the starter motor installed on the car, the starter will engage. When you remove the power it should disengage.

  • Fuel Fumes When Volvo Tank is Near Full

    Usually it indicates a leak in the tank above the level you quote. As the fuel goes down past the 3/4 mark the smell will disappear because it is no longer leaking…

  • Volvo AC and Recirc Light Flashing

    I got a 233 code so i am going to get a new blower motor…

  • Volvo Climate Control Panel Removal

    The link takes you to a thread in the forum where the how-to of removing the climate control panel is. Member, Mike850 from Tulsa, Oklahoma shares information from his recent removal of the manual climate control panel in order to replace burned out light bulbs.

  • MAF Diagnostics

    Here is something I found on another forum. Since we’re seeing more and more MAF issues on this forum too I thought I would post this. MIJ

  • Service Light Reset Instructions, Information and Tips

    It’s just a reminder. If it doesn’t bother you, you can ignore it. It bothers me, so that’s why I got the Draper Tool…

  • How To Replace Volvo Rearview Mirror

    Remove the lenses on both sides of the dome light with a screw driver. Underneath that you will find two torx bits.. remove them and you will then see the mirror attachement.

  • Replacing Volvo Front Brake Discs & Pads

    This came from Dacvolvo a member here that has his own site where he shows off his C70. This is a great write-up from there with pictures. The front brake job is the same for all V/C/XC/S/70’s and 850’s. Thanks Dacvolvo!

  • Replacing Pollen (cabin) Filter

    This is from Dacvolvo who has a C70 and posts in that section. He also has his own site where he shows his car off and also has a few write ups. This is for changing out the cabin or pollen filter that’s located under the passenger side windshield cowl. It’s very good with nice pictures…same procedure for 850’s and early S/C/V70’s. Thanks Dacvolvo!

  • Volvo Synthetic Oil Switch with High Miles?

    A warning for owners with high mileage autos. I read the various Synthetic VS Regular oil posts and decided with the cold upstate NY weather it would be a good idea to use synthetic oil…

  • How to Reduce Noise in the Volvo Cabin

    Its very easy to install, i just used some acetone to clean the metal, and a good sharp boxcutter to cut the peices. The final result is amazing, the car is so much more quiet…

  • Another tailgate trim fix

    An alternative to the repair kits sold by FCPGroton and on eBay.

  • Dealing with Speed Sensor Connectors

    When changing out the transmission or vehicle speed sensor, you have to deal with the terminal connector. The 4th page of this thread helps you do that with diagrams.

  • Replacing volvo Starter Motor

    greasefingerss outlines the how-to for replacing the starter motor. Not sure if it is the same for first generation 70 series Volvo’s as well, but could very well be. Follow the link for instructions and discussion.

  • Engine stutter? Fix Could Be Simple

    The engine hesitation is found in a handful of ’98 S/V70’s and C70 ECU’s only with certain chasis numbers made at certain factories…

  • Volvo Cooling Fan Runs Continuously

    Check Engine Light on – fault codes P0116/P0118 (Volvo code 1-2-3) showing and cooling fan running all the time. Coolant temp sensor replacement.

  • Volvo Steering Wheel Misaligned

    If it annoys you enough, the factory manual posted at the top of the forum says you can adjust it.

  • Volvo v70 2.5t

    Looking at the Volvo V70. The Volvo V70 is an executive car manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars from 1996 to 2016 across three generations. The name Volvo…

  • How to input the codes on a 95 850?

    Where do you enter the codes?

  • Volvo Airbag Life Expectancy

    I work for ARC Automotive and what we do is make airbag inflators. Drivers, passengers and side impact. We run them through a mass spectrometer that will detect a leak as small as a 25 year leak…

  • Engine Jerking with Flashing Check Engine?

    All I needed was a zip tie to move the crank sensor wire away from the distributor cap. A TSB was referenced from back in 1995.

  • Volvo Radio With Kenwood Changer?

    Unfortunatly, it will not be able to interface directly to the SC-811. The SC-811 is designed and built by alpine electronics and uses their M-Bus communications protocol for their CD Changers (and the Volvo one).

  • iPod Input for Your Volvo Radio

    Plug any audio source into your old Volvo stereo. Follow the steps below to connect an audio (headphone style) input jack directly to almost any Volvo stereo without any additional kit or spending any money.

  • All About Volvo Keyless Entry and Volvo Remote

    Assuming this is a North American car, the receiver is located directly to the right of the glove box. It is a “black box” that is roughly 3″x5″ and about 1 1/2″ thick…

  • Volvo Tensioner Whining Noise Fix

    It was the serpentine belt tensioner. I had my own thread about it in fall of 2006, because I never saw this thread. This is the video I made to document the sound, and how it was RPM specific…

  • Buy a Volvo 850 or Volvo S70?

    I’m fonder of the S70’s interior, but the 850’s does have a certain charm, and even if the boost guage isn’t marked, it’s still nice to have, which is an advantage of the 850.

  • Repairing the roof/windshield trim

    A good write-up with pictures of how to repair the roof/windshield trim on the 850. Thanks, Maxbaby!

  • 850 door panel removal (pics)

    A step-by-step how to remove the door panels in a 850….with pictures! Thanks, 850_olaf_nz ! 🙂

  • Glove Box Repair with Hand-made Tools

    This is a repair of the glove box with home made tools on a ’93 850 but it should apply to other years too. Thanks bsltx for the great write-up!

  • Proper Boost Measurements

    Warm Idle: 18 inches of mercury vacuum.
    Cold Idle: 16 inches of mercury vacuum.
    WOT (Wide Open Throttle) 2,000 RPM: ~5 PSI boost.
    WOT 3,000 RPM: ~15 PSI boost.
    75mph @ 3,000 RPM: ~10 inches of mercury vacuum.
    Between Shifts: 0 (atmospheric) due to the bypass valve venting manifold pressure to keep the turbo spooled.

  • Volvo Windshield Noise/Howling

    What I discoverd was the rubber weather stripping that goes around the windshield had seperated by about 6 inches along the top of the windshield over the driver’s side. At highway speeds the wind would get under it and lift that section up and it would begin to vibrate in the wind really fast…

  • Oil in Volvo Coolant Diagnosis

    I started it 3 days ago and drove it for about 15 minutes and lost 3/4 gallon of coolant. At idle there is no smoke to talk about but under acceleration and when letting off it starts to smoke…

  • Volvo Inner and Outer Tie rod End Replacement Tutorial

    2 -Inner tie-rod ends (FCP-Groton #9191410 – $19.50 each (7/7/2007)
    2 -Rack Boot Kit (FCP Groton #9191409 – $12.00 each (7/7/2007)
    Optional: 2-Outer tie rod ends (FCP Groton # 271598 and # 271599 – each $16.00)

    Now, not required, but I sure do advise (don’t ask me how I know) that you consider changing your outer tie-rod ends at the same time if they haven’t been changed in awhile. This way, when you are done, you will have inners and outers done… you have to take the outer tie-rod ends off anyway.

  • Volvo Fuel Injectors: How To Tune Them Up

    I found a local parts place that had an o-ring kit in stock (Standard Parts # SK-1) that comes with a neat little plastic cone tool that makes the o-rings easy to put on.

  • Volvo Roof Rack Installation Notes

    I just came inside from installing the Volvo load bars on my ’98 S70 (Same part number for ’94 850). Couldn’t be easier…no tools, just a cam lock adjuster. They mount in the little holes in the upper edge of the door sill…

  • Disassembling Volvo manual climate control

    Disassembling manual climate control 95 850. Nice write-up with pictures from etzal. Thanks a ton!

  • Buying a Volvo V70 XC: What to Look For

    Make sure all the tires are even (tread) that is the kiss of death for these, to run mismatched tires and can burn out the AWD in as little as one day…

  • Volvo CD player slow ejection of disc.

    Unusual problem – good solution.

  • Volvo Wheel Alignment Order

    On the rear toe they simply don’t know what they are doing. The rear toe is adjustable without shims. It is important that the car be aligned in this order:

    Rear Toe
    Front Camber
    Front Toe

  • Volvo Fuel Octane Discussion

    That’s $36 for the cheapest stuff they have or $39 for the best available … that’s less than 10% difference and the car drives better, idles better and gives me that tiny little bit of peace of mind that I’m doing the best I can to keep my Volvo’s engine healthy…

  • Volvo Synthetic Oil or Dino: Another Good Thread

    Most turbos that don’t have water cooling tend to start having seal or bearing issues by 150,000 miles or so unless the owner is religious about idling the car to let things cool down. I’m not saying that conventional oil isn’t sufficient. It is…

  • Vacuum Hose Routing for ’94 850 Turbo

    oceanman uploaded this diagram. I hope it helps someone!

  • Volvo Evaporator Replacement

    This write-up is with photo’s and is quite extensive.
    Thanks, chuckcintron for this one!

  • Volvo Wagon or Mercedes Wagon?

    Before buying any Volvo 850 I would try very hard to assure myself that the following items are in good shape…

  • Did You Break The Volvo Wheel Lug?

    OK, I’m going to assume your brother broke the wheel lugs off when he was removing the wheel. It might be better for you to just replace the wheel hub. It’ll be about the same money and you’ll end up with a new wheel hub/bearing…

  • Daytime Running Volvo Light Switch Settings

    The small switch with the screw head should be a 3 position switch that has three different settings. I’m not sure what clock position to tell you to go to but experimentation is easy enough to do.

  • More Buyer’s Advice 850 and S70 Model

    The 850 and the earlier S70s are functionally nearly identical. The interior on the S-70 is a bit more refined but, particularly on the 98 models, the door panel covers tend to shrink and come unglued…

  • Do It Yourself ABS Module Repair

    Our own Ozark Lee has written up, with pictures the repair on the ABS Module…this is on a ’96 850 but I suspect the repairable ones are all the same. Thanks Lee!

  • Reclaimed 850 T5 Horsepower with MotorVac

    Setup took about 15 minutes, and it was all a matter of fitting the in/out hoses from the machine to the fuel lines on my 850 T5. I run fuel treatment in the gas tank from time to time, but I’ve never done anything like this. Tom got me excited with examples of restored power and increased fuel economy.

  • About This Blog – MVS

    Welcome to the new MatthewsVolvoSite Blog! I want to say thanks for using this site, and explain what this blog is about, besides Volvos.

    The best answer is often a qustion. In this case, the question is: Why would I add a blog to my site if I have a forum?

    Because the forum is dry and technical (as it should be).

  • Trip Report

    Check out my Trip Report Seattle to Portland 176 milesPortland to Astoria 98 milesAstoria to Seattle 181 milesCity driving, side trip to beach 55 miles Total 510 milesFuel…

  • Pulling a U-Haul Trailer 1300 Miles – Volvo 850 T5

    Ok, after thought and consideration, I’m going with a hitch/uHaul trailer. Door2door was going to be $1150 (as was a similar service), and full-service movers were going to…

  • Replacing the #2 Volvo Shift Solenoid

    Ever have the flashing arrow, stuck in 3rd, etc. PNP, right? Not so fast. According to many here, I was foolish in questioning that as I also had a code 755 (#2 Shift Solenoid). Changed the PNP, no effect. Changed the #2 Shift Solenoid and all is well. Here is the description of how to change this solenoid. Thanks vizslak7 !!

  • I’m On The Road Now Towing with a Volvo 850 and i ...

    Just woke up at a hotel in Boise, Idaho. So far I can summarize the 850/trailer combo as this: I’m pulling a house. See the Volvo 850 towing…

  • Replace Distributor Cap & Rotor Volvo 850, S70, V70

    Overview: How to change the distributor cap and rotor on a 1997 Volvo 850 GLT. This job requires removal of the battery and then the bottom half of…

  • Squeaky dash – solution

    Good write up on how to tighten up your dash.

  • Dealer Repairs are Expensive (Fuel Tank Leak)

    Read this discussion on the volvo fuel tank leak. A compromised flange may leak fuel and/or result in a fire. Owners are instructed to bring their vehicles into…

  • Volvo Trunk Latch Adjustment

    How-to: adjust your volvo trunk latch.   If your trunk fails to latch when you close it, it could be the receiver. Mine got pushed down somehow, causing…

  • Which Oil for Volvo Turbo Engine?

    It’s good to use synthetic in any engine, but extremely important in a turbo.
    I use Castrol synthetic 5w50 in all my cars all year round. Switched to Castrol about 10 years ago after Mobile 1 destroyed an engine.

  • Volvo Distributor Cap & Rotor REPLACEMENT

    This job requires removal of the battery and then the bottom half of the air filter box in order to reach the bottom screw on the distributor cap. Including taking the photos, the whole job of removal and replacement took 2 hours (first time).

  • Volvo Codes 455 and 543

    Check your plug wires…and plugs. If they are old, change them out. #5 is furthest on your left looking at the car from the front with the hood raised.

  • Volvo Seafoam Works

    Poured about 1/4 can of seafoam down one of the tubes going to oil separator, drove for a week and changed oil. 2 weeks later dipstick tube is still clean and dry.

  • Volvo Trans Slow to Shift Into Drive

    Only complaint is that when I shift from park or reverse into drive, there is a second or two delay…

  • Grease on CV joints: Volvo 2002 V70XC

    Let’s talk grease on CV joints. A grease leak is the first symptom that is most commonly associated with a bad or failing CV boot cover. Over time,…

  • Get the Volvo Keyless Entry Number

    Hello, this holiday weekend I pulled the glove box out of the dash to get a look at the keyless remote “black” box. The only box that I saw was located on the right hand side of the glove box, mounted vertically.

  • Volvo Timing Belt Change Costs

    Since the car is in the shop and the timing belt needed to be reset and was cracked they suggested to replace it and my water pump which was slightly leaking. I agreed. $600 dollars for that repair in case anyone is wondering. Well worth it in my opinion.

  • Loose Volvo Wiper Arm Fixes

    Try and find a washer that is at least 1mm thick, with a diameter that exceeds the diameter of the hole on the wipper arm by about 1mm. Put it there, place the nut and tighten…

  • I Got 38.8 MPG Today

    What’s the best mpg you’ve seen? Fuel efficiency is a form of thermal efficiency, meaning the efficiency of a process that converts chemical potential energy contained in a…

  • Volvo Transmission Filter Replacement

    Not sure if this is good for all years of the S80 but evidently you can drop the pan and replace the filter in this car. Here is information with a link to a picture write-up as well as where to buy the filter. Thanks vegasjetskier for this new information!

  • Front Corner Volvo Lens / Bulb Replacement

    S80 Cornering Light Lens and/or Bulb Replacement 1999-2001
    Nice write-up. Thanks, vegasjetskier!

  • S80 Front Brake Disc and Pad Replacement

    Here’s how I changed the front brake discs and pads on my 2001 S80 T6. It has 76,000 miles. The pics reference the right front wheel, but the procedure is the same for the left front wheel.

  • S80 T6 2001 TIME FOR REGULAR SERVICE Reset How To

    How to reset that annoying Service light without having to go to a dealer.

  • S80 Parking Brake Adjustment

    How to adjust the parking brake on the 2001 S80 T6. May apply to other years and normally aspirated models.

    Does your parking brake handle come up way too high when you apply it?

    Does it not engage even when you pull the handle all the way up?

    Here’s how to adjust it. You will need a flat-bit screwdriver and a 10mm or adjustable wrench.

    Open the console cover by pushing the small button to the far right in front of the cover edge and lifting up on the cover front edge.

  • S80 Cabin Filter Change

    Shows how to change the cabin air filter in your S80. The second page of pics doesn’t have any text, but you’ll be able to figure out what to do anyway.

  • Goodyear TripleTred Tire Review

    Goodyear TripleTred Tire Review The new Goodyear tires did very well in about 8-10 inches of snow last night. I went from Centennial to Morrison, CO, round trip…

  • P2 V70 & S60 headlight fix

    Thanks to Fubar for this Write-up of how to change out an over-heated shunt in the CEM connector under the steering wheel when the car’s info system says “”BULB FAILURE DIPPED BEAM”
    This is also for all P2 cars including the V70 (’01 and newer).

  • Volvo Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

    Thanks to “mom” for this one!
    Upon investigation of his no-start condition on his 2000 S70, “mom” found that it was his ignition switch/ lock cylinder. In this thread you will find his pictures and a link to a good write-up on how to do the replacement. Glad you got your car running again, mom!