Volvo Repair Database, by Model

This list is the 1500+ Volvo detailed problems and fixes broken out by Volvo model. In other words, find your Volvo model in the list below, click it, and you'll be taken to all the fixes we've got for your particular Volvo.

If you want to simply hunt or browse, see the All Repairs page, which is gigantic but doesn't exclude anything.

Powersearch has been a very popular page since it's debut in 2016 because it gives you the power to cross Model with Category, and see just the results from that intersection.

If it makes more sense to you to find what you're looking for by the type of problem/repair, see VRD by Category.

If you see other models of Vovo cars/SUVs than you clicked on, that's because they all have commonalities with the problem or fix. Volvo used many of the same engines and parts across their range of cars and SUVs over the years.