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Volvo Performance, HP, Tuning & Speed Mods

Check out some info on Volvo Performance, HP, Tuning & Speed Mods

  1. What Is Stage 0?
  2. Manual Boost Controller – Choosing, Installing
  3. Chip Tune vs. Manual Boost Controller
  4. Fast Friday #4 — The Boost Variance Problem
  5. Fast Friday #5 — Injectors, MAFs, and Power
  6. Fast Friday #6 — Injectors, MAFs, and Power pt. II
  7. 3… 2… 1… Ignition!
  8. Octane And The Turbocharged Engine
  9. Water + Methanol = Power?
  10. Performance Suspension Guide
  11. SEMA 2012 – The PINs are Coming!Volvo performance advice
  12. Piggyback ECU & SAFC… it’s Fast Friday #27!
  13. Melt Tires, Not Pistons! A/F Mix… FF#28
  14. Monster Bolt-On Turbo in Prototype Phase
  15. Exhaust Shopping – The Seven Things to Know
  16. Spark Plugs – The Latest Tech & Products
  17. High End Turbo Kit, Meet S60 R
  18. No Turbo? No Problem.
  19. Tunes: Does One Size Fit All?
  20. No Turbo? No Problem! Part 2.
  21. No Turbo? No Problem! Part 3
  22. Torque Defined, With Math
  23. An Automatic 850 Goes Over 300hp. Way Over.
  24. Fast LPT — 2007 XC70 Meets a Stage 3 Tune!
  25. MSD Ignition Coil Install Photos
  26. Monster Boosted S60 AWD… Sonic Blue
  27. Tune a Low Pressure Turbo? Why YES
  28. Turbos and Exhaust
  29. Making it Faster: 1998 V70 LPT
  30. Cam Timing – How to Adjust for Power
  31. Performance: What Really makes a Difference?
  32. ECO-Performance! – HP and MPG Concurrently
  33. SEMA 2012 Wrapup – The World of Aftermarket
  34. Dear Intercooler, Make Volvo Faster.
  35. Turbo Upgrades!
  36. Auto -> Manual Transmission Conversions Done Right
  37. Nitrous: Pray or Spray?
  38. Ethanol in Fuel = GOOD for Performance?
  39. Spark Plugs: Copper vs Iridium vs Platinum
  40. R32 Turbo Kit Installed and Tuned!
  41. Short Ram vs. Cold Air Intake
  42. Fuel Injectors – Improve Performance & Economy

So what is Fast Friday exactly? It’s a weekly Volvo Forum post that we wrote and ran every Friday for a year that discusses Volvo performance, primarily engine output. As you can see by looking at the post titles above, the focus was to help you tune your Volvo for more horsepower and torque. Often the content drifted into pure theory, even so far as to get into math and physics.

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