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This page includes the only two generations of S80 cars Volvo ever built. The first generation S80 [skip to first gen] was based on the Volvo P2 platform, while the second generation S80 [skip to second gen] was built off the Ford EUCD platform.

The first generation was based on the Volvo P2 platform, while the second generation was built off the Ford EUCD platform.

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A high-end executive car, the S80 served as a replacement for the Volvo 960/S90 sedan when the S80 debuted in 1998.   Refurbishing their product line and image, Volvo aimed to create a more luxurious line of estate and sedan models that were more streamlined and sporty than their previous vehicle models.

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My first exposure to the S80 was December, 1998 at a shopping mall in Denver, Colorado. There was a brand new Volvo S80 on display inside the mall, and it just about knocked me out.

It was a spaceship, a twin-turbo, modern executive motoring dream.

I couldn’t believe how awesome it was, and it was loaded with bleeding-edge safety equipment that didn’t come out on some brands for five or even 10 years later.

First Generation S80

s80 first gen 99 03 2.9

In the base sedan, a 2.9-liter engine produced 201 horsepower. A twin-turbocharged 2.8-liter, 268 horsepower engine went into the sportier T6 model. Safety equipment included front passenger airbags, crumple zones, Volvo’s inflatable curtain airbags, and Volvo’s WHIPS system (designed to move the front seatbacks and headrests rearward to minimize whiplash during a rear-end collision).

S80 1999 Sales Brochure
Salesmen would have been armed with this S80 literature. Click to download.

Standard equipment included dual-zone air conditioning, a tilt/telescoping leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, eight-way power front bucket seats with driver memory, and a split folding rear seat. Heated power mirrors, power locks and windows, remote keyless entry, a cassette/CD player, and 16-inch alloy wheels also were standard. The T6 sedan added heated front seats and mirrors, along with wood interior trim.

  • Wheelbase: 109.9 in
  • Overall Length: 189.8 in
  • Width: 72.1 in
  • Height: 57.2 in
  • Weight: 3602 lb

First Generation S80 Engines

Model Code Year(s) Power Torque @rpm Displacement Engine configuration
2.4 B5244S 1998–2006 140 PS; 138 bhp 160 lb·ft @3300 2,435 cc (148.6 in3) Straight five
2.4i B5244S 1998–2006 170 PS; 168 bhp 166 lb·ft @4500 2,435 cc (148.6 in3) Straight five
2.4T B5244T3 2001–2003 200 PS; 197 bhp 210 lb·ft @1800–5000 2,435 cc (148.6 in3) Straight five LPT
2.5T B5254T2 2003–2006 211 PS; 208 bhp 240 lb·ft @1500–4500 2,521 cc (153.8 in3) Straight five LPT
2.9 B6294S 1998–2001 204 PS; 201 bhp 210 lb·ft @ 2,922 cc (178.3 in3) Straight six
2.9 B6294S2 2001–2004 196 PS; 193 bhp 210 lb·ft @ 2,922 cc (178.3 in3) Straight six
T6 B6284T 1998–2001 272 PS; 268 bhp 280 lb·ft @ 2000–5400 2,783 cc (169.8 in3) Straight six twin-turbo
T6 B6294T 2002–2006 276 PS; 272 bhp 280 lb·ft @ 1800–5200 2,922 cc (178.3 in3) Straight six twin-turbo
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Second Generation S80

s80 second gen 2006

The second generation of S80s debuted in 2006 with marked upgrades from the previous generation.  The second generation S80 featured a 3.2 liter straight-6 or the 4.4 liter V8 engine also used in the XC90, in combination with available 4-wheel drive.  The second generation models also are the first Volvo cars to offer a transversely fitted V8 with a power output of 316 hp, an engineering effort developed jointly by the Volvo car’s engine unit Skovde and Yamaha of Japan, creating one of the cleanest V8’s on the market.

The newest model features adaptive cruise control (ACC) with Collision Warning and Brake Support (CWBS), making it the first Volvo model to have these features.  The cruise control assists in driving by sensing with radar slower cars in front of the vehicle and applying the brakes as needed.

S80 2009 Sales Brochure Teaser -
Salesmen would have been stalking you at the dealer, itching to hand you this 2009 S80 brochure. Click to download.

Besides the Collision Warning and the cruise control, designed to help drivers avoid dangerous situations before they occur, the Brake Support system offers additional safety assistance by preparing the braking system for impending quick stops and ensuring the brakes work faster in such situations.

In keeping with Volvo’s reputation for safety, the S80 has generated a reputation as one of the safest cars on the road.  The first generation of S80s boasted the one of the world’s highest crash test ratings over a period of five years, and the second generation model garnered the highest “good” rating in crash test ratings for front, rear, and side impacts.

2009 S80 Colors -
S80 exterior colors for 2009 model year

New innovations in the newest model of the S80 also offer unique safety features that can protect drivers who are not even behind the wheel.  With Volvo’s personal car communicator (PCC), the driver can remotely check the security of the car, whether the doors are locked, and be warned by a heartbeat sensor that indicates whether a person might be hiding inside the car.

Second Generation S80 Engines

Model Code Year(s) Power Torque @rpm Displacement Engine configuration
2.5T X 2006–2009 200 PS; 197 bhp 220 lb·ft 2,521 cc (153.8 in3) Inline-five LPT
2.5FT B5254T11 2008–2009 200 PS; 197 bhp 220 lb·ft 2,521 cc (153.8 in3) Inline-five LPT (E85/gasoline)
2.5T B5254T10 2009–2011 231 PS; 228 bhp 250 lb·ft 2,521 cc (153.8 in3) Inline-five LPT
2.5FT B5254T11 2009–2010 231 PS; 228 bhp 250 lb·ft 2,521 cc (153.8 in3) Inline-five LPT (E85/gasoline)
T4 B4164T 2011–2016 182 PS; 180 bhp 180 lb·ft 1,596 cc (97.4 in3) Inline-four turbocharged
T5 B4204T7 2013–2016 245 PS; 241 bhp 260 lb·ft 1,969 cc (120.2 in3) Inline-four turbocharged
3.2 AWD
B6324S[33] 2006–2010 238 PS; 235 bhp 240 lb·ft) @3200 3,192 cc (194.8 in3) Inline-six
T6 AWD B6304T2 2008–2010 284 PS; 280 bhp 300 lb·ft) @1500–4800 2,953 cc (180.2 in3) Inline-six turbocharged
T6 AWD B6304T4 2010–2013 305 PS; 300 bhp 320 lb·ft 2,953 cc (180.2 in3) Inline-six turbocharged
V8 AWD[34] B8444S 2006–2010 315 PS; 311 bhp 320 lb·ft) @3950 4,414 cc (269.4 in3) V8
Displacement definition, Engine configuration definition, cc definition, in3 definition, bhp definition



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