MVS Contributors

What is Contributor Status?

If you see “MVS Contributor” next to a member’s post in the Volvo Forum, it means they’ve donated or contributed a repair (usually with photos) to the Volvo Repair Database.

A Big Thanks

MVS Contributor
MVS Contributor differences – avatar and stronger blue text

Thanks goes out to all Contributors. You help keep MVS on the Web.

If you’d like to become a Contributor but don’t know what to do, it’s easy: donate any amount, or post a repair in the forum. Posting a repair is preferable, and that’s the way most Contributors become Contributors. If you do post a repair, and I (Matt) miss it, please bring it to my attention — contact me.

You’ll get an MVS Contributor avatar (you can change to whatever if you want if you don’t want it), and a bolder, brighter blue name on the Volvo Forum home page (scroll down) when you’re online.

If you don’t want all the attention, let me know.

If You Post a Repair

If you have trouble posting photos or text in the forum, just contact me and I’ll get the info/photos, and I’ll put it up. This isn’t uncommon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Where Do Donations Go?

It goes to pay for the hosting fees for the MVS server and related expenses. (If you donate during an MVS Moderator pledge drive, it goes to them.) The more you donate, the more I can work on this site to make it better. Here’s a forum thread on the specifics. I have a regular job (Web developer), so I can’t spend all my time working on this site. However, as this site has provided me with revenue, it’s gotten more attention from me. For instance, I did a major overhaul in October 2008, upgrading the server, the site software and the forum software all in one go. Then another in Summer 2011. [Update May 2017: and several more since then. Some part of MVS is always being improved in some way. I don’t do big releases, it’s all incremental improvements except for the major UI re-dos.]

You Don’t Have to Renew Every Year

Unlike public radio stations (in the US), I don’t ask you to renew your “membership” every year. One contribution and you’re an MVS Contributor for life. But additional donations are welcome, and common. Double/triple thanks to those who have donated multiple times.

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