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Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Volvos & Paint Code

Yellow 850 T-5R Facts

  • Yellow 850 T-5R paint is Volvo paint code 607. If the product plate doesn’t have 607 on it, it’s not a yellow T-5R.
  • Cream yellow was only used in model year 1995 for the Volvo 850 line, and only on the T-5R variant.
  • 364 sedans imported to the United States, that’s it.
  • 49 wagons imported to the United States, that’s it.
  • It’s not “Gul Yellow”, it’s “Cream Yellow”.
  • The 1995 T5-R was produced in other colors, but none are as rare or collectible as Cream Yellow.

Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Volvos are rare. According to Wikipedia:

Cream yellow2537 worldwide including saloon and estate. Cream Yellow was marketed in the Australian market as ‘Faded Yellow’ to compensate for the unrelenting Australian sun. The Gothenburg boffins were aware of the 1990s paint technology, and the fact it wouldn’t retain its deep luster over the course of time, and hence, the clever marketing descriptor, ‘Faded Yellow’ was coined.

Stone Black2516 worldwide including saloon and estate

Olive green metallic1911 worldwide including saloon and estate

Cream Yellow S40/V40… True?

At risk of sounding like, this is… True! “No other Volvos could boast of this pretty color until sometime in the run of 2000-2004 S40 and V40 siblings. I’m not even sure it’s the same color code 607 on these cars because no paint lists I read through name it. No other Volvos have this color besides the T-5R and these odd 40 twins.”

What MVS Regulars Say About This T-5R and Cream Yellow

erikv11 »

The original paint code is right there on the product plate next to the VIN, you can tell the original color right away for any Volvo.
If and only if the plate says 607 then your T-5R came from the factory with Cream Yellow paint. There is no Volvo paint color named Gull Yellow.

zhenya »

No clear coat also means that the color will change radically depending on how the paint has been maintained. If it has not been cleaned well and polished in many years, it will look much lighter and faded. With a good polish (chemical or abrasive, depending on need) it will bring back the reflective qualities of the paint which will change the color.

Clemens »

The dark green ones are said to be the rarest with global production of 500 only (last T-5R batch). Still an ugly color.

Intersting is that the cream yellow was supposedly a T-5R only color, yet I saw a very early cream yellow V40 wagon with a diesel engine at the junkyard a while back. It looked factory painted because every part of the car was cream yellow, so i doubt it was an aftermarket paintjob.

RSPI, Yoda and a Cream Yellow T-5R
RSPI, Yoda and a Cream Yellow T-5R
Cream Yellow 850 T-5R
Volvo 1995 850 T5R Yellow at Bandimere Raceway
Volvo 1995 850 T-5R Yellow at Bandimere Raceway
Yellow T5 R
Yellow T-5R
T5r Production Numbers Worldwide
T-5R Production Numbers Worldwide

Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Volvos, and Paint Code

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